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The Witcher – The showrunner defends the recasting: “We will continue to move forward”

The Witcher - The showrunner defends the recasting: "We will continue to move forward"

Il June 29th they will debut on Netflix i received five episodes Of The Witcher 3, while for the last three we will have to wait for the July 27th. For fans, however, it is one bittersweet news. While on the one hand there is the enthusiasm of being able to immerse yourself again in the universe fantasy taken from Saga di Romanzi Andrzej Sapkowskion the other hand, however, there is the sad awareness of the fact that the third season of The Witcher will be the last with Henry Cavill in the role of Witcher Geralt in Rivia.

In 2022, in fact, even before the release of the third season, Netflix has announced the renewal of the series for a fourth seasonhowever revealing that Henry Cavill would no longer be playing Geralt, but Liam Hemsworth. The abandonment of Cavill, who had given a truly noteworthy performance as the monster hunter, and the consequent recasting they immediately aroused the fan concern, convinced that without the actor the Netflix series would never have been the same. While The Witcher is made up of the interweaving of the stories of different characters, such as the sorceress Yennefer di Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra)and the young princess Cirilla (Freya Allan)it is undeniable that to act as glue between the different storyline is just the character of Geralt in Rivia.

If the reasons for the abandonment of the actor have never been officially clarifiedon the threshold of the release of new episodes, the showrunner from the Netflix series, Lauren Schmidt Hissrichhe decided to get his hands on, explaining the reasons for his choice.

The choice of recasting by Henry Cavill justified by showrunner Of The Witcher: «There are simply too many stories left to tell»

In an interview published by SlashFilmLauren Schmidt Hissrich decided to explain because he decided to continue the series despite the abandonment of Henry Cavill.“We had the opportunity to let go of Geralt and end the series. But that’s not something we wished to do”, explained the showrunner. “There are simply too many stories left to tell”.

In short, if the choice to stop The Witcher after the third season was not contemplated, Hissrich said that even the idea of ​​replacing Henry Cavill’s character with a completely new one didn’t feel like the right thing to do. “If we had replaced Geralt with another Witcher, we would have departed completely from the booksand I don’t think anyone would have wanted that.” The fact that Hissrich appeals to the loyalty to books by Andrzej Sapkowski to defend the choice of recasting it is curious if you think that, according to some rumors, Cavill would have decided to abandon the Netflix series precisely because of its poor adherence to the source material.

Hissrich also spent a few words Liam Hemsworthpraising i you deserve of the actor despite the difficult legacy to collect. Ultimately, the showrunner has shown itself aware that, with Henry Cavill’s imminent departure, a whole new chapter is about to open for the Netflix series. Still, the cast and the crew they have no intention of giving up:

We are all thrilled with Liam’s arrival. It has a huge void to fill, but it also has one great energy and enthusiasm for the project. Obviously it’s a whole new chapter for us. And there are a lot of feelings involved. But in the end, we love what we are doing. So we will continue to move forward”.

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