Terra Amara Preview May 26, 2023: Hatip puts Fekeli in big trouble!

The previews of the Episode of Terra Amara aired on Friday 26 May 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that things are going very badly for Fekeli…

Thanks to advances from the Channel 5 Turkish soap opera, Bitter landwe find that, in the bet broadcast on 26 maggioat 14.10, two shady individuals they intend totake possession of Cukurova’s lands. Hunkar, Fekeli, Demir e Yilmaz they do not know why, but sensing the danger, they decided to team up to avert the threat. The mansupported by the businessman and his godson, participates in the Chamber of Commerce e convinces everyone to turn down any offer they could receive for their possessions. Orator, corrupted by the two shady individualshe realizes he can’t do anything to help them and is threatened; scared, point them to Fekeli as “the problem to eliminate”

Terra Amara Previews: Fekeli makes a disturbing discovery…

Facultyseated in Ferhat’s inn, he heard two men talk about their projects future. In addition to wanting to get their hands on the Hulusi refinery, they claimed they also wanted to try to take possession of all lands of Cukurova undisturbed. To achieve this goal, the couple spoke of the need to collect information on the country’s leading personalities, such as Demir Yaman. alarmed, the ex-con immediately got in touch with Hunkar

Terra Amara Advances: Demir and Yilmaz join forces!

After informing Mrs about what he had just discovered, Fekeli and Hunkar have decided to arrange a meeting with their children. Demir e Yilmaz they met at the latter’s house and faced the delicate matter face to face. In the end, both came to the same conclusion: for Cukurova’s sake, it would have been better to put their disagreements aside and try to cooperate.

Hatip mentions Fekeli’s name to two shady individuals, in the Advances of Terra Amara of 26 May 2023

To foil the possible threat posed by the two shady individuals who would like to take possession of all the lands of the country, Zuleyha’s husband and the Akkaya have formed an unprecedented alliance. Furthermore, the godfather of the latter takes matters into his own hands and, supported by Yaman and Yilmaz, makes a speech during a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. Fekeli urges those present not to accept any offershowever advantageous it may be, for their possessions which, in fact, should not be considered for sale. Orator, corrupted by the aforementioned shady individuals, he realizes that he can no longer help them; once she brings it up to him, the two they threaten him. To protect yourself, the diabolical entrepreneur gives them the name of the wise man: Fekeli is the problem to eliminate!

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Bitter land it goes on air Canale 5 from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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