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Ten years of Medicinema Italia, an event to celebrate a long-term commitment

Ten years of Medicinema Italia, an event to celebrate a long-term commitment

The non-profit organization Medicinema Italia – Il cinema che cura turns ten years old, and celebrates them with the preview of the film Champions on Tuesday 30 May, linked to the “Superheroes together” itinerary. Reservations are open after donation: as always, in the name of art to relieve hospitalizations.

And ten years the non-profit organization Medicinema Italia – The cinema that heals, with the sponsorship of Ministry of Health e you ANICA (Italian National Association of Cinema and Video Distributors), aims to alleviate long-term hospitalizations of patients with projections of films chosen for a path emotional, closely linked to the ability of the art to help fight and resist. How the first ones will be celebrated 10 years of this important commitment?

Champions and Superheroes Together for Medicinema’s 10 years

Tuesday 30 May at 8.00pmat four different cinema The Space in Italy, the preview screening absolute Italian of the film Samples con Woody Harrelson. The feature film, like all those who Medicinema select in his paths of effective treatment psychology of the patients, is not chosen at random, because the film tells of a basketball coach who finds himself having to manage a team of disabled players. The contemporary event in Rome (The Space Moderno), Milano (Odeon), Genova (Old Port) e Trieste (Centro Le Torri) is linked to fundraising “Super Heroes Together“: the focus is on acceptance and inclusion for i children with complex neurological pathologiesbeing treated in the pediatric departments of the Agostino University Hospital Foundation Twins IRCCS in Rome. The ultimate goal is to improve their social contacts with peers, limiting their isolation.
There is therefore no better way than thank Medicinema for its ten-year commitmentif not by reserving your seats for previews, with a minimum recommended donation of 15 euros, remembering that children under the age of 6 can enter for free. The money raised will be invested in the “SuperEroi Insieme” project, the progress of which will be recorded and analyzed gradually by one scientific medical research.
If you’re curious about Medicinema’s work, we invite you to read more about our coverage of one of their recent initiatives, below.
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