Fast X, Vin Diesel on the return of The Rock: “We carry on with love”

The protagonist of the saga and Dwayne Johnson have buried the hatchet to make the fans happy.

Fast X, Vin Diesel on the return of The Rock: 'Let's carry on with love'

In a recent interview granted to Entertainment Tonight, Vin Diesel commented on the announced return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Fast Xafter the two have been at the center of a feud for years.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Fast X ending.

The post-credit scene of Fast X shows Jason Momoa’s villain calling Hobbs to tell him he’s coming for him, thus confirming Johnson’s return for the eleventh Fast & Furious film. “We have a fantastic castDiesel commented when asked about this surprise return.Let’s move forward with love. We try to create an environment where people can give their best“.

All actors really want is to feel supported to create unique characters. Characters that last forever“, he added, “and it shows in this franchise“.

Fast X starts full throttle at the Italian box office, 6.3 million in the first weekend

In a recent statement, director Louis Leterrier, who will also helm the upcoming film, ruled out that Fast 11 will feature time travel.

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