Amara land, because shots are heard and Demir’s hands are bloody

Terra Amara, Demir saves Zuleyha?

From the previews of the episodes of Terra Amara from 22 to 28 May 2023 on Canale 5, we learn that a heart-pounding change regards Demir e Zuleyha. In fact, Mujgan – being increasingly jealous, bordering on obsession – towards Yilmaz, acts. She doesn’t let his words alone leave a trace. Send to Iron a home movie. The man doesn’t have a working projector and has to wait a few days for the new piece to arrive from Germany. For Hunkar e Demir there is not a vision of football matches on the horizon as they expect. Indeed, the video shows Zuleyha e Demir in intimate attitudes. Iron he is beside himself with rage. He takes a gun and gets his wife into the car. In Bitter land, Demir spara e uccide Zuleyha?

Terra Amara, Demir kills Zuleyha?

Da sinistra: Vahide Perçin (Hünkar) e Hilal Altinbilek (Züleyha) in una scena di
Da sinistra: Vahide Perçin (Hünkar) e Hilal Altinbilek (Züleyha) in una scena di “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

The moment he witnesses the scene, the same Muggan she is afraid that her jealousy has done tremendous damage. And if she had caused, more or less indirectly, the death of Zuleyha? Hunkar e Fekeli they track down Iron. The woman, in fact, knows her son well and is well aware of her violent side. In a rage, in Bitter land Iron uccide Zuleyha sparandole?

Terra Amara Zuleyha dies?

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From the advances released by Mediaset, we know that shots are fired from that gun. Indeed, when they are in a forest, Zuleyha tries to convince her husband that he has not tarnished his honor. We don’t know exactly what she might say in response Iron. We are aware of the fact that, shortly after, shots are heard. A few moments pass and Iron he comes out of the woods, with blood on his hands: he gets into the car and is alone.

Hence our questions: in Bitter land Iron spara to Zuleyha? If yes, into Bitter land Iron uccide Zuleyha?

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens in the next episodes of Bitter land.

From the Turkish advances circulating on the Net, we know that Iron shoot a Zuleyha and leaves her wounded in the woods. However, the young woman does not die.

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