Alessandro Cecchi Paone: “I will marry Simone abroad to adopt her daughter Melissa”

Alessandro Cecchi Paone, a guest on Afternoon 5, returned to talk about the desire to adopt the children of his partner whom he will marry abroad.

Guest a Afternoon Five, Alessandro Cecchi Paonereturning from the brief adventure with her boyfriend Simone all’Island of the Famousto the microphones of the talk show of Barbara D’Ursohas communicated its intention to convola to wedding with the young partner in order to be able to adopt his daughter Melissa.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone: “I will marry Simone Antolini”

A choice which, the journalist specified, will only take place if the mother agrees.

“Melissa’s mother is not Simone’s wife – Cecchi Paone declared a few days ago on Fanpage – therefore there is a complicated prevailing custody arrangement that belongs to Simone because the judge himself assessed her value and ability . You know that in Italy it is quite rare, usually young children go to their mother. I spoke of adoption because Melissa has been part of this love story since day one. I have often said that our love is like a coffee table three-legged. When Simone is in Rome, she lives with me and when Melissa is free from school commitments or isn’t with her mother, she stays here with us. I love her dearly and I’d like to provide her with more than just love and presence. Having had the skill and good fortune to build a very solid life from all points of view, and having no children, you would be the most suitable person to guarantee economic certainties”

A Afternoon 5, Cecchi Paonehe returned to the subject, specifying that the marriage con Simone must take place abroad because in Italy, any adoption in this case would not be allowed:

“The little one calls me uncle Alessandro. Today we disclosed to Nuovo Tv that we will get married soon, unfortunately we have to do it abroad, because if we get married abroad I will have the right to adopt her, if the father and mother are or will be “I agree. One of the reasons why we went together (to the Isola dei Famosi ed.) is to shed a light on a problem that many non-famous couples have. It’s not that being famous Simone and I will find a solution, all right everyone, but nobody talks about it anymore.”

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