Un Posto al Sole Previews from 29 May to 2 June 2023: Ida at Palazzo Palladini. Lara is shaking!

Let’s see together the Previews of the Episodes of Un Posto al Sole aired from 29 May to 2 June 2023. Here is the Summary of what will happen in the Episodes of the week.

Let’s find out Advances from the weft from the Bets of the Neapolitan soap A Place in the Sunin onda from 29 May to 2 June 2023 are Rai 3at 20:50. Over episodes that we will see in the week: Mariella and Guido will be able to enjoy themselves their cruise despite Massaro While Manuela will be fascinated by Costabile ma he won’t have the courage to get back into the game after theumpteenth disappointment from Niko. Ida will present herself at Palazzo Palladini and will put Laura in trouble. His plans will be revealed?

Episode aired on Monday 29 May 2023

Con Marina still far from Naples and with no intention of going home, Lara will continue a carry out his plans to win Ferri back and strengthen his presence in his life. Martinelli though he didn’t reckon well with Ida. The Tommaso’s mother will be ready a show up at Palazzo Palladini, putting her in great difficulty. And so it will. Manuela Instead she will delude herself that between her and Niko may there be a rapprochement and that this time things can go well between them. However, this will be a mere belief. The Cyril he’s about to be in for a big disappointment.

Episode aired on Tuesday 30 May 2023

Ida has arrived at Palazzo Palladini e Lara has to find a way Of manage the presence of women at his house. There Martinelli will try to convince her a do not reveal their secret but he will succeed in making her change her mind and make her give up on Tommaso. Meanwhile Mariella and Guido enjoy themselves the their cruisewhich made Altieri forget, at least for the moment, the disagreements with Cerri. Del Bue, however, will have to be careful a do not fall still in Massaro traps. The transgressive intentions of Bice’s husband could get the policeman into trouble again. Manuela instead it will remain bewitched by the charm of Costabile. Will she be able to forget Niko?

Episode aired on Wednesday 31 May 2023

Despite Lara’s insistence, Ida does not intend to leave Tommaso with her e he wants his son back at all costs. The woman will risk unmasking all plans of Martinelli and to do it in front of Roberto. Manueladespite being fascinated by Costabile, she won’t feel ready per get back into the game in love. The disappointment for Niko still hurts so much. Guido, accused of infidelity through the fault of Sergiowill have to convince Maria That he is innocent and that the situation in which he finds himself is entirely Massaro’s responsibility.

Episode aired on Thursday 1 June 2023

Angela e Franco I am ready to go e Giulia will have to prepare to greet them. Poggi will have to resort to all her strength to not get caught up in nostalgia but she will already know that the departure of the Boschi will make her experience profound loneliness. Meanwhile Mariella e Guidothe “betrayal” question clarified, they will continue to enjoy the holidays ma someone in Napleswill start at feel the absence of Altieri. Luca instead he will face one very complex situation and emotional distress. This will make you think that the new chief may have to face, very soon, a serious health problem.

Episode aired on Friday 2 June 2023

The Soap doesn’t air.

A Place in the Sun va broadcast every day from Monday to Friday are Rai 3 at ore 20.50.

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