Loki 2: why is there no trace of Jonathan Majors in the TRAILER?

During the Disney upfronts, which took place these days, the trailer for the second season of Lokiin which, however, the star does not seem to appear Jonathan Majors with his character Kangdespite being a central villain within the Marvel Studios storyline.
Majors had been billed as the main villain of the show’s second season in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhich he saw Loki (Tom Hiddleston) e Mobius (Owen Wilson). After the theatrical release of Quantum in February, Majors was arrested in New York in late March on charges of strangulation, assault and molestation.

On May 16, the trailer for the second season of the Disney + show was presented

In conjunction with Disney’s press and advertiser presentation, Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, has previewed some of the upcoming shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Secret Invasion, Echo and the second season of Loki.
Second Tim Baysingerjournalist of Axios, Feige did not mention the presence of Majors on the show, nor any of its characters – Kang o Victor Timely – appeared in the trailer for the second season.

The trailer for the season has not yet been made available to online viewers, but Feige confirmed that the show will return later in the year. The second season of Loki will debut the October 6thmoving from Wednesday to Friday on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Born the born Marvel Feige they still commented on the arrest of Jonathan Majors. Though fan speculation has been running wild over whether the studio wants – or should – change the role of KangDeadline reported in April that Marvel had never discussed switching the actor. It’s likely that the studios are waiting to see how the case progresses before discussing it, much less making a decision.

Since the second season of Loki has wrapped filming and has a release date, it doesn’t look like Marvel has any plans to alter the series, no matter what happens with the star.
As a result, it’s possible it’ll go the same route it did to premiere Season 2 at Disney’s upfront, bypassing that issue. It is possible that this was done to avoid spoilers, both for the series and for the post-credits scene of Quantumbut given the arrest of Majorsits absence is notable.

After Lokithe next known appearance is in Avengers del 2025: The Kang Dynasty. At the moment, it seems that the studios want to keep playing a Jonathan Majors the role of the main villain. However, if the actor is found guilty, the studio will have to reevaluate how to proceed. Until then, it remains to be seen exactly how the trailer for season 2 of Loki will manage the involvement of Majors when will it be released online.

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