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Men and Women, Alessia Cammarota accused by a hater of “pulling it too much”. She answers like this!

Men and Women, Alessia Cammarota accused by a hater of "pulling it too much".  She answers like this!

The former face of Men and Women, Alessia Cammarota, is expecting her third child and among the followers there is someone who accused her of pulling it too much. Let’s see what she replied!

Alessia Cammarotaformer suitor of Men and womenis pregnant with her third child from her husband Aldo Palmeritronista in the dating show of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi. The influencer was attacked by a hater and accused of “pulling it too much”.

Men and Women, Alessia Cammarota and the ironic response to the attack of a hater

The ex suitor and her husband had announced their third pregnancy a few months ago, just entering the fifth month: a precautionary decision, due to the fear that even this little joy could break as it had already happened in October 2021, a period in which Cammarota, pregnant at the time, had suffered a miscarriage. The doctors had revealed to her that it would be difficult for her to become a mother again, but a few months ago, unexpectedly, the news of a new arrival at home had arrived Palmeri-Cammarotaafter Niccolò born in 2015 and Leonardo in 2017. The third child will also be a boy, his name will be Mattia and the couple is enthusiastic about welcoming him as soon as possible.

Very active on social media Alessia she answered some questions from fans through Instagram and also found herself facing the attack of a hater who accused her of being too fussy, as if she were the only pregnant woman who had to carry on a pregnancy. But the ironic answer of Alessia Cammarota did not wait:

“Oh I know, they’ve been telling me for years, the first time they accused me of picking it off was maybe in elementary school. Come on! I really thought I was the last woman on the face of the earth to procreate, that’s not all in the my hands? Doesn’t everything depend on me? Damn”

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