Massimo Boldi attacks Il Patriarca, the fiction with Claudio Amendola: «Cast and direction back 20 years»

The Patriarch is among the dramas that are populating the evenings of Mediaset. with protagonist Claudius Amendolathe series tells of Nemo Bandera, a charismatic entrepreneur who on the threshold of 60 is forced to come to terms with his whole life, his affections, his past.

The series has reached its last installment and we have thus discovered that it has a famous detractor: it is about Massimo Boldipopular Italian actor, comedian, film producer and television host.

Massimo Boldi against Claudio Amendola and the series The Patriarch

Massimo Boldi is at the center of the media scene for a very harsh and direct comment on the fiction Il Patriarca, produced by Taodue and directed and interpreted by Claudio Amendola.

Indeed, Boldi commented a post by Taodue on Twitterin which fans were asked for an opinion on the final episode aired by saying:

“Negative. You are at least 20 years behind in the script, in the direction but above all in the cast. You didn’t even know how to copy those who watch Netflix, Prime… Rating 4”.

In short, a full-blown slating by the comedian. Boldi is known above all for the production of cinepanettoni together with Christian De Sica. We saw it on television A cyclone in the family (2005-2008) and in the series Welcome brothers (2010).

Recently It has been ended up at the center of attention for a mishap with his car on the tram tracks in Milan: as reported by Ansa, passing through the Porta Venezia area, he ended up in the lane reserved for trams only, where the asphalt had left the place to mud due to rain. Some passers-by helped him off the tracks by pushing the car.

To star in the fiction proposed by Canale5 and criticized by Massimo Boldi we find in the main roles Claudius Amendola (as Nemesis “Nemo” Flag), Antonia Liskova (Serena Bandera), Neva Leoni (Lara De Grecis), Raniero Monaco of Lapio (Mario Rizzi) Carmine Buschini (Carlo Bandera), Michele De Virgilio (Marco Ferro), Julia Schiavo (Giovanna “Nina” Bandera), First Reggiani (Monterosso) and others.

The direction, also criticized by Boldi, was entrusted to Claudio Amendola. Mizio Curcio, Paolo Marchesini and Sandrone Dazieri write the screenplay.

For the moment, none of those summoned by Boldi has yet replied.

The Patriarch is the remake of the Spanish series live without permission which consists of two seasons, for a total of 23 episodes. The story for the second season is ready, but it seems that Mediaset has decided to cancel the next season, as reported by the actor Raniero Monaco di Lapio on his instagram account.

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