Isola dei Famosi, Pamela Camassa in tears for the surprise of Filippo Bisciglia: “We don’t give up, until the end”

Pamela Camassa receives a sweet video message live on L’Isola dei Famosi from her partner.

Lots of emotions for Pamela Camassa a The Island of the Famous! During the last episode, who saw the elimination from the game of Paolo Noisethe beautiful castaway received a beautiful surprise from his partner Filippo Bisciglia.

The surprise of Filippo Bisciglia live on L’Isola dei Famosi

Time for surprises and emotions for Pamela Camassa. Called in the nomination area, the wreck of the new edition of The Island of the Famous received a video message from boyfriend Filippo Biscigliawho encouraged her not to give up and to continue her journey in the Canale 5 reality show as best as possible:

I miss you so much, know that I always look at you, you’re super cool and I like you temperamentally and mentally. I like it when you say things without mincing words. Well done Pami, keep it up (…) I would have reacted differently to a nomination from a friend who says he nominates me because he does it for strategy, because in my opinion human relationships have more value than strategy. You go ahead on your path, play as if you are playing the hardest paddling game that you want to win.

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The sweet video message from Bisciglia surprised and excited Pamela who, when asked by Ilary Blasirevealed:

What Filippo says is fundamental to me. He has always supported me in the choices I’ve made in my life, right or wrong. He is the most important person in my life, worth more than anything else. He is always with me, I dream about him almost every night. I needed his words of support, you can’t imagine how much energy he’s giving me now. He doesn’t give up until the end.

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