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Isola dei Famosi, Cristina Scuccia confirms that she is in love: “I have a person in Madrid, I miss her so much”

Isola dei Famosi, Cristina Scuccia confirms that she is in love: "I have a person in Madrid, I miss her so much"

During the sixth episode of the Isola dei Famosi, Cristina Scuccia confessed that she had a person out and why she hadn’t said it yet.

During the sixth episode of the‘Island of the Famous, Cristina Scuccia he confessed to having one person out and why he still hadn’t said.

Isola 2023, Cristina Succia: ” I found an important person, I’ve known her for a couple of months”

“I’m feeling more and more at ease here at L’Isola dei Famosi” said the former nun and after a video shown by Ilary Blasi in which, confiding with Helena Prestes, he admitted that he misses a particular person that he has recently met but with whom he has already shared intense emotions.

The It hurts she also apologized live to her mother, to whom she hadn’t said anything yet and wanted to clarify that she was also afraid that people might think that her decision to leave ecclesiastical life depended on this

“I don’t want this story to be confused with my retirement from the convent. I retired from the convent much earlier. However, I fear that for my mother it will be a cold shower, even if a parent understands certain things. When I said it, I felt one hundred kg less because I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m simply loving”

“It’s been a couple of months, since almost shortly before entering the Island. I think about her a lot. Love is beautiful. I have found an important person and I would never have let myself go with the first person. I entered I play on the Isola dei Famosi, but I had found a love.”

Before returning to the Palapa Cristina he added:

I miss everything about this person, being together, going to eat sushi. Love is beautiful, however much I’m squeezing it, it comes out. We’ve known this person for a very short time in Madrid, she tiptoed into my life and here I’m realizing that it’s really important. Mom, sorry to hear about this thing here! My thought was to talk to mom about it as soon as I get out of here. I am very happy to have met this person who I hope is still there waiting for me.

According to some recent rumors, the It hurts could be romantically linked to one donna but the 34-year-old Sicilian did not mention any names or add anything else.

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