Friends, will Kleidi Kaidu and Veronica Peparini be back for the next edition?

The rumors of two returns for the next edition of Amici are becoming insistent. Let’s see the details together.

The twenty-second edition of Amici Of Maria De Filippi has just ended, but rumors are already raging for the next one. For the next adventure of the talent of Canale5 it is rumored that there may be the return of two beloved professors: Kledi Kadiu e Verónica Peparini.

Friends, Kledi and Veronica Peparini will return to the program?

For several weeks now there have been rumors of the abandonment of two professors: Raymond Todarowho is thought to return as a judge on the Dancing with the Stars show, and Arisedetermined to focus on her career as a singer, in view of a probable participation in the Sanremo Festival 2024. Now, the gossip expert is launching a new rumor Amedeo Venzaaccording to which in the school of Amici for the next edition, two beloved professors will return.

According to the reporter to return to school will be Kledi Kadiu e Verónica Peparini: the first is a historical face of the talent, appeared since the first editions and with which several students still collaborate today, the second was one of the school’s teachers, but left her role a few years ago. At the moment there is no certain confirmation of their return, they are mostly rumors. Also because at the moment the attention of the presenter and her authors is entirely concentrated on the next edition of Temptation Islandwhich should start in mid-June.

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