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Tomb Raider 2, Alicia Vikander: “The cancellation of the sequel devastated me”

Tomb Raider 2, Alicia Vikander: "The cancellation of the sequel devastated me"

Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander has revealed her reaction after the cancellation of Tomb Raider 2, on which she had placed great expectations.

Tomb Raider 2, Alicia Vikander: 'The cancellation of the sequel devastated me'

After Angelina Jolie’s interpretation, it was the turn of the Oscar winner Alicia Vikander take on the role of the most famous video game character in the world, Lara Croft. The actress starred in a reboot, simply titled Tomb Raider. It looked like everything was ready for a sequelbut it never arrived. Alicia Vikander spoke about it to the microphones of Variety during the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

“I thought we were ready to shoot, we had a director and a writer. I was very attached to that role because it was one of my biggest dreams as a child. The cancellation of the sequel devastated me, but if a new opportunity arises, I’d be very interested. Playing that kind of action heroine has always fascinated me.”.

The sequel was permanently canceled after MGM lost the franchise rights to Amazon. We already know, in fact, that the company has paid a huge sum (we are talking about 250 million dollars) for the rights related to Tomb Raider, and that Prime Video will host a TV series on the famous video game saga, but it seems that the (project is much more ambitious than expected.

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A Tomb Raider themed shared universe?

In the programs, for now, there should be the aforementioned TV series, a film and at least one video game (the one announced last December should be the first of many), and all these titles would constitute a real Tomb Raider shared universe .

Probably only one actress will be chosen to play Lara Croft in the various projects and, he hypothesizes, the Waller-Bridge series could also be a spin-off dedicated to another character in the franchise, also considering the fact that the actress, screenwriter and producer does not appear to be involved in the making of the film or the video game.