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The Chimera: the trailer for Alice Rohrwacher’s film which will be presented at Cannes 2023

The Chimera: the trailer for Alice Rohrwacher's film which will be presented at Cannes 2023

The film La Chimera, directed by Alice Rohrwacher, of which the trailer was shared, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

The Chimera: the trailer for Alice Rohrwacher's film which will be presented at Cannes 2023

La Chimera will be presented to Cannes 2023 and the film directed by Alice Rohrwacher now has a trailer.
In the video we see the protagonist, played by Josh O’Connor, and a scene set in the streets of the city.

Josh O’Connor’s involvement in the film

La Chimera

The chimera: a scene from the film

The Italian director Alice Rohrwacher, interviewed by Variety, also said that the idea behind the film La chimera comes from the fact that he lives in Umbria, where everyone tells stories related to grave robbers. The filmmaker said: “I found all of this fantastic. Not so much because it was illegal, but because they were going against something sacred: they were opening graves“. Alice pointed out: “I thought: ‘Where do they find the courage to do this?’. But talking to them, I understood that they wanted to cut ties with the past“.
Rohrwacher then explained that Josh O’Connor wanted to learn Italian and totally immersed himself in his character, even living in a trailer during filming. The first version of the script also had an older protagonist, but the star of The Crown wrote to him after seeing Happy as Lazzaro and decided, after meeting with him, to rewrite the character and change his age.

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Set in the 1980s, in the clandestine world of grave robbers, La chimera tells the story of a young English archaeologist (Josh O’Connor) involved in the clandestine trafficking of archaeological finds. The cast is completed by Isabella Rossellini, Carol Duarte, Alba Rohrwacher and Vincenzo Nemolato.

Like all Alice Rohrwacher’s films, La chimera is produced by Carlo Cresto-Dina for tempest with Rai Cinema, in co-production with Ad Vitam Production (France) and Amka Films Productions (Switzerland), in collaboration with Arte France Cinema, in association with TRT-Cinema. The release of the film is scheduled for 2023, distributed in Italy by 01 Distribution. NEON will instead distribute it in the United States.

For La chimera, Alice Rohrwacher has also returned to work with her historical collaborators: the director of photography Hélène Louvart (THE LOST DAUGHTER, NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS), the editor Nelly Quettier (HOLY MOTORS), the set designer Emita Frigato, the Loredana Buscemi and acting coach Tatiana Lepore.