Netflix, this week’s cancellation list (May 22-28)

Netflix – you know it very well by now – cancels some movies and TV series from its platform every week. It does so every month, and we talk about it as you know equally well in the section relating to monthly cancellations, but it is possible that compared to the cancellations announced at the beginning of the month, others will be added during the weeks of the month itself: and this is why, in order to keep you updated on every news related to the streaming platform day by day, that we have created this column that will keep you company every Monday or every Tuesday, depending on when the first deleted content of the week in the catalog is scheduled. Next to the column on the new releases of the week, therefore, in which we tell you everything new that arrives on Netflix, you will find this other column in which we will tell you, on the contrary, everything that will be deleted from Netflix. So let’s see what will happen in these 7 days, with the contents deleted from 22 to 28 May 2023 on the most famous streaming platform in the world.

Below we will show you, as always, a small calendar with the day of the week \ expiry day inside and below the expiry day, the content that will expire as well as the type of content (TV series, film, documentary, etc.) . So here’s the list of content expiring on Netflix this week, that is the one that goes from 22 to 28 May 2023!

Netflix – All content due this week (May 22-28, 2023)

22 Maggio

Jack Reacher – The decisive test – Movie
Jack Reacher – Point of No Return – Movie

23 Maggio

Illang – Of Wolves and Men – Movie

25 Maggio

Sara’s notebook – Film
Close Enough – Serie Tv

Few, therefore, Netflix cancellations this week. Waiting to see what happens at the end of the month, which is usually a key moment for platform cancellations. We’ll update in the next few days for everything related to expiring content on Netflix!

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