Living is not child’s play: video interview with Stefano Fresi, Nicole Grimaudo and Lucia Mascino

Parents and children grappling with the daily challenges and complex relationships with drugs, often available for little money and considered as a normal dynamic. We met the protagonists of Rai1’s prime-time drama Living is not child’s play.

The success of Sea Out it has created particular attention from young people towards Rai seriality. Not all, of course, but the one capable of addressing a segment of the public with credibility that is usually distant from the prime time of generalist television. After a convincing debut, he’s back tonight May 22 at 21.25 Living is not child’s playwritten by Fabio Boniface and directed by Roland Ravello.

The story of some kids grappling with school, friendship and first loves, while their parents alternate the attempt at dialogue with a generalized distraction. We talked about Rai fiction together with the protagonists, Nicole Grimaudo, Stefano Fresi, Lucia Mascino e Riccardo De Rinaldi Santorelli.

Here are ours video interviews.

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