Friends 22, a former dancer is in Giorgia’s video clip! That’s who we’re talking about.

One of the former dancers of this edition of Amici appeared in a video clip of Giorgia. Let’s see who it is!

Alessio Cavaliereone of the dancers of Amici of this twenty-second edition, appeared in a video clip of Georgia.

Amici 22, Alessio Cavaliere in a video clip by Giorgia

Despite having reached halfway in the talent of Amici, Alessio Cavaliere won the hearts of the public for his skill and his humility. After obtaining the evening shirt, Alessio he demonstrated his talent challenge after challenge, until the elimination, considered unfair for many fans, which took place during one of the episodes of the second phase of the talent of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi. Alessio he had already tried to enter the talent show in the last edition, challenging one of Amici’s dancers, Guido Domenico Sarnataro, but being defeated. This year, it was supposed to be his he year, but, despite strong performances, he was eventually eliminated.

After dancing in Raimondo Todaro’s team, Alessio was chosen by another teacher of the school to appear in the video clip of Georgia: it is about Emmanuel Lo, companion of the singer and choreographer of the video clip. It was the dancer himself who announced his participation in the video, given that he published on social networks, in his stories, a preview of the video clip of Without Border, Giorgia’s new song. This appearance of her is also a sign of the affection and esteem of Lo against him, since Alessio he was among Todaro’s pupils.

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