Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Taylor pushes Deacon into Brooke’s arms. You want free range with Ridge?

The American Advances of The Beautiful reveal to us that Taylor will spur Deacon to try to win Brooke back. Will the doctor want free rein with Ridge? Let’s find out together what could happen in the next episodes of the Soap, soon to be broadcast on Canale5.

The American advances Of Beautiful they reveal to us that Taylor will go on the attack with Deacon. The doctor will push the Sharpe to recapture Of Brooke and will try to convince him that now that her friend is away from Ridge, he can have the opportunity he was looking for with her. But what intentions will Hayes have? The his intervention will be devoid of ulterior motives or it will be a way to have a free field con il Forrester?

Beautiful American Advances: Taylor pushes Deacon to win back Brooke

Deacon brought Sheila to justice and has been a hero ever since. The American advances Of Beautiful ci they have already told what in the episodes aired in the United Statesthe Sharpe he stood out for his courage e both Hope and Brooke are grateful to him for putting the evil redhead in jail. Both, like everyone else, ignore that the man is actually very close to her Carter and that he was forced to set a trap for her, in order not to risk losing her family. Taylorunaware of this, and sure that Deacon is a completely changed person, will decide to push him to come forward with his ex-partner. The doctor it will prompt him to reconsider the chance to reconnect with Brooke and to rebuild a family with her and Hope, sure that the two Logans are happy with her closeness.

Beautiful American Previews: Taylor is sure that Deacon has a future with Brooke

Taylor dirà a Deacon to be sure that Brooke is ready for a relationship with another man. Her friend wants – as always – a person by her side and she certainly won’t be able to settle for Hollis – the charming waiter of Il Giardino – who does not share a past and memories with her. With Ridge offside and Bill back in with Katie, the right person – for her – it’s Deacon. The doctor she will try to get the Sharpe to listen to her it’s at get back to work with his ex, definitely happy and willing to give him a chance, the one he’s been waiting for a lifetime. The Hope’s father, however, will be rather skeptical. He will not be at all convinced that the blonde can take him back into her life and will suspect even that Taylor has double agendas.

Beautiful American Plots and Previews: Taylor wants free rein with Ridge

Deacon won’t succeed a dare retta a Taylorconvinced that Brooke has no intentions Of give him a second chanceas she says. The Sharpe will instead be sure that things will stay that way and having to be happy to have regained a place in her daughter’s lifewithout Ridge getting in the way. Deacon will ask Hayes with his intervention on his behalfdo not hide a double purpose. He will ask her if she don’t want to have free rein with the Forrester, in order to finally mend the relationship with him, without betraying the promise made to her friend. But Taylor will be quick to answer them – calmly and convincingly – that everything is over between her and her ex-husband and that there will never, ever be a romance. It will be over between them and according to spoilers, the psychiatrist will tell the truth. She will leave him and his love game forever.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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