Amici 22, Wax: “Maria De Filippi helped me a lot by asking me to open my eyes and look inside”

Wax talks about himself after Amici: from the relationship with the presenter and Arisa up to the release of his first album.

Wax was undoubtedly one of the the most discussed and talked about protagonists of Amici 22. Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the young singer took stock of his intense life path in the talent show dedicating words of great esteem and affection to Maria De Filippi and her coach Arisa.

Wax freewheeling on Amici 22

A few weeks after Friends 22 endingwhich saw the dancer Mattia Zenzola triumph, the singer Wax he’s back to talking about his experience in the Canale 5 school. Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the young singer is now former pupil of Arisa he let himself go to some unpublished confessions:

It’s been long and complicated months full of beautiful things to do but also of shortcomings, my family in particular, I cried a lot when I hugged them again. Living like this today, in a normal way, is very strange but it is also interesting. I entered at a time when the Covid emergency was still quite high and I came out in a completely different situation. Amici showed me some colors in a situation in which I only saw those typical of the dark. I sang, I performed, but in reality I mostly got to know myself better. Now I see a whole rainbow but above all, a light at the bottom of that darkness.

And embellished path by the presence of Arise and from special relationship with the presenter Maria De Filippi:

Maria helped me a lot by asking me to open my eyes and look around me, above all to look inside myself. She shook my hand and accompanied me up to here: I think more or less all the guys can say they felt like this. Arisa unlocked me with her motherly way of being. She made me feel followed and accompanied at 360 degrees. I have to say it’s an amazing feeling to feel “protected” by so many people, from vocal coaches to sound engineers.

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About instead of the victory by Mattia Zenzola and offriendship born in the school with Angelina Mango:

I say this with great sincerity, I felt I’d already won for other reasons that aren’t about the race, but about finishing all the way. Mattia not only deserved the victory, but he fought for two years believing in his goal, which is to win the program ». You and Angelina have bonded so much. «It is a friendship born over time, it is a relationship made not only of common habits for living together, but of emotions lived to the fullest and shared. We had two different paths, but they fortified our personalities equally.

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