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Beautiful: previews of the plots from 22 to 28 May 2023

Beautiful: previews of the plots from 22 to 28 May 2023

These are the previews of the plots of Beautiful aired from 22 May to 28 May 2023, the soap is broadcast on Canale 5 every day of the week.

Beautiful: previews of the plots from 22 to 28 May 2023

The frame of the next episodes of Beautifulon air Channel 5 from May 22 to May 28, 2023, were revealed. The soap opera, which focuses on the Forrester family, is shown Monday to Saturday at 1.45pm and Sundays at 2.00pm.

In Italy, the Beautiful series has been broadcast since June 4, 1990. Initially it was broadcast on Rai 2 and subsequently, from April 5, 1994, it moved to Canale 5. In addition to the broadcast, which offers the possibility of watching them live or on demand.

Monday 22nd May

A tough conversation between Hope and Steffy sees Ridge remain silent, but later he will confirm to his children that he will never stop loving Brooke. In Thomas then the doubt arises that it is not right to keep the secret imposed by Sheila: not to reveal the reason why Brooke got drunk. Brooke is desperate and the reassurances of Hope, Liam and Deacon are of little use. She senses that she’s been dominated by something dark that drives her to drink on New Year’s Eve.

Tuesday 23 May

Thomas would like to reveal the truth about New Year’s Eve to Ridge, but it’s not possible. Sheila does everything to convince Thomas to keep the secret about what led Brooke to get drunk, but he is uncertain, he would not want to be an accomplice of her. The two meet in the back alley of the “Il Giardino” restaurant and there Steffy sees them talking, promising to find out what they are up to.

Wednesday 24th May

Sheila tries to convince Thomas not to tell anyone that she was the one who switched the sparkling wine labels into Brooke’s drinking. Steffy sees them talking, not hearing what they’re saying, and confides it to Finn.

Thursday 25 May

Brooke, full of regrets, talks to Hope about her breakup with Ridge, recalling old clashes with Stephanie who never accepted her as her son’s partner; When Ridge arrives, Brooke asks him to come home to her. Steffy informs Finn of Thomas and Sheila meeting.

Friday 26th May

Steffy is worried because her brother is agitated and surely there is something going on. For Finn, it’s just Thomas’ desire to see Taylor and Ridge back together again. Thomas looks nervous and Taylor presses him, but he claims he’s just worried that something might ruin the relationship between her and her father.

Saturday 27 May

Brooke and Ridge begin to reconnect. And while Brooke fears spending the evening alone that marks 35 years of dating with the Forrester family, Hope brings her dinner, but then leaves, telling her, however, that the good memories of her life will never leave her and they will be a comfort. Brooke retraces the wonderful memories of her life with all the men she loved about her: Eric, Thorne, Nick, Bill and Ridge, who are beside her and will never leave her. Brooke, still disconsolate because Ridge doesn’t come home, vents to Eric who tries to reassure her. She in particular claims that she does not understand why on New Year’s Eve she had such a desire to drink, given that since then she has no longer felt the need.

Sunday 28 May (2.00 pm)

Thomas is tormented by the secret he is keeping from everyone. Steffy is determined to find out why Thomas has been having a secret talk with Sheila, so she goes to confront her. Eric, convinced that Ridge will return to Brooke, encourages her to fight for it to happen. Steffy, who saw her brother talking to Sheila aside from her, in the alley of “Il Giardino”, asks the woman for an explanation, but Sheila’s answer does not convince her. Still Steffy, she eavesdrops on a phone call from Thomas and Sheila, which she fully discloses as to why Brooke was drinking on New Year’s Eve.

In the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity, Steffy catches Hope trying to convince Ridge to get back together with Brooke and an argument breaks out between the two.