A Place in the Sun: previews of the plots from 22 to 26 May 2023

Here are the previews of Another Tomorrow for the episodes broadcast from 22 May to 26 May 2023: the soap will be broadcast on Rai 3 from Monday to Friday.

A Place in the Sun: previews of the plots from 22 to 26 May 2023

Here they are frame Of A Place in the Sun in onda su Rai3 at 20:50. THE advances they refer to the episodes aired from 22 to 26 May 2023. The series set in Naples, now in its 27th season, is broadcast from Monday to Friday.
As always you can follow A place in the sun in live streaming on the platform RaiPlaywhere it is possible to watch the previous episodes in the On Demand section.

Monday 22nd May

Ferri becomes more and more attached to what he believes to be his son and inevitably to Lara. Ida, Tommaso’s real mother, who regrets having given her baby away, is about to make a decision that risks turning Lara’s life upside down forever. After a confrontation with her aunt, Speranza decides to take the field against Micaela to recover her man who in the meantime will be overwhelmed by Cirillo’s initiative.

Tuesday 23 May

Altered by what she imagines to be a cowardly undertaking by Sabbiese, Giulia intends to face the criminal, without thinking that the consequences for her could prove to be very serious. Lara feels she is earning points in the eyes of Ferri, whose relationship with Marina is increasingly tense, but a threat could derail her plans. Looking for a clarification with Micaela, Speranza could involuntarily fall into the trap she cleverly hatched to the detriment of poor Samuel’s self-respect.

Wednesday 24th May

Convinced that it was Eduardo who beat Imma, Giulia confronts him publicly. Now close to taking on the role of head physician at San Filippo, Luca returns to Naples. Although he chooses not to confront Speranza, Samuel is very disappointed by the lack of faith that his girlfriend places in her musical talent.

Thursday 25 May

Once the preparations have been completed, Guido and Mariella are ready to leave for the cruise but, despite the general happiness, Guido fears that Bice’s exuberance on the one hand and Massaro’s on the other could ruin his vacation. Luca’s transfer to Naples proceeds with some inconvenience, Rosa, urged by Angela and Franco, will try again to bring Eduardo into line but the situation could already be out of control, much to Giulia’s dismay.

Friday 26th May

Lara thinks she has liquidated Tommaso’s real mother and continues with her rapprochement plan with Roberto, but Ida has set off for Naples, determined to get her son back. Guido and Mariella enjoy their cruise vacation, Niko will find himself managing an unpleasant situation with Alberto because of the Cirillo twins.

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