Men and women, Matteo Ranieri reveals the whole truth about the dispute with Luca Salatino: “The real problem was…”

Here’s what really happened between Matteo Ranieri and the former tronista of Men and Women!

Matteo Ranieri decided to spill the beans and tell what really happened with Luca Salatino. Interviewed by the official weekly of Men and womenthe boy unveiled a few unpublished background related to the removal of the former contestant of the seventh edition of the Big Brother VIP.

Matteo Ranieri and the truth about the relationship with Luca Salatino

Matteo Ranieri released a new interview to the official magazine of Men and women in which he told what really happened between him and Luca Salatino. Without too many words, the former protagonist of the Canale 5 dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi has unveiled the reasons for the end of their friendship:

Luca was on holiday with me in Recco and we argued over a silly thing! But then pride took over and perhaps that was the real problem: we didn’t speak to each other for ten days. In the end I wrote to him asking to meet to talk, but he was about to enter the house. I thought we’d have time to clarify and I also felt very guilty for not contacting him sooner. Then in that period every person asked me about him, so I suffered the situation even more.

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It is only after knowing about the split between Luca and Soraia Ceruti That Matteo has decided to take the first step:

I actually sent him a message but he never replied! Now I understand that this was a delicate moment for him, but then and there I took it. Then I learned of the end of his relationship (with Soraia, ed) and how much it had shaken him, so I said to myself: “I love Luca, we shared perhaps the most important period of my life” and I picked up the phone ( …) I think Luca even deleted my number because he answered saying “Who is it?” (laughs). I asked him “But who do you want it to be!”, he recognized my voice and asked me what I wanted. I replied that I didn’t want anything, just to know how he was: I immediately understood his discomfort, the loneliness he was experiencing and, as a sportsman, I know how bad it is not even being able to let off steam with training. After a week of video calls I took a train and went to see him in Rome.

Ranieri continued the story by revealing:

When we met we got excited, we really looked like a couple. I told him I was feeling a bit strange and he replied: “It doesn’t seem like a minute has passed to me”. He’s right, he hasn’t changed one iota: we resumed our relationship exactly where we left off and today I feel it more than my mother! I missed our friendship so much.

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