Men and Women: it’s war between Luca Daffré and Alessandra Fumagalli, accusations and offenses fly on social media

The truth of the former suitor of Men and Women: “With Luca it is a media war on the basis of nothing”.

It is war on social networks between Alessandra Fumagalli and Luca Daffrè. The former tronista and the former suitor of the last season of Men and women they didn’t even have time to leave the Canale 5 studio they made protagonists of a hard question and answer in which heavy accusations and offenses flew.

It ended between Luca Daffrè and Alessandra Fumagalli

One week after choice for men and women, Luca Daffrè and Alessandra Fumagalli broke up! To formalize the break it was the former tronista who, with his statements, raised a real fuss on social media and caused the harsh reaction of the girl. From there, the two former protagonists of the Maria De Filippi dating show they started accusing and offending each other.

“When one doesn’t know how to get out of it and starts inventing bullshit. If I spoke…” he wrote ok on social media. Annoyed and embittered, the Smoke them she’s back on instagram for defend themselves from the accusations made by the former tronista of Men and Women and clarify his position once and for all:

That was a Telegram group born during the program to give us support. After he had published the story with a black background (in which he announced the breakup, ed), all the messages had arrived like “oh god what happened?” and the like, so I started arguing. Then when I saw that another gossip (Deianira Marzano, ed) had started attacking me with these unfounded screenshots, based on nothing, because I’m willing to give my phone, I commented: “I don’t know how to get out of it” . But in response to this person who is waging a media war on the basis of nothing. I also wrote to this person asking her to listen to both bells or are you limited and have blinkers on and side with the strongest in terms of followers because it suits you too? I don’t know what to think anymore, the only answer I received is: “You saw, I gave you the hype you wanted“. Until proven otherwise, he has this weight, I have nothing to hide, whatever I did during the show like eating pizza with a high school friend, I always notified the editorial staff. I know who I am and the values ​​I have and I would never do these things.

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Tired of the situation, Alessandra he then decided to intervene on the matter one last time by stating:

For me it ends here. Continuing in this war founded on nothing leads nowhere. I am on my own, aware of who I am and the things I have said and done. One thing could be attacked to try and come out clean, because I was unassailable and he invented it. PS. If I had this grit when I was on the show, I would’ve kicked the sparrows’ ass. Over and out.

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