Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes: “Today’s world could ‘dirty’ a reboot of the series”

Kate Holmes warns of the simple and naïve nature of Dawson’s Creek, which could be altered by today’s world.

Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes: "Today's world could 'dirty' a reboot of the series"

Kate Holmes she is concerned about the possibility of a reboot Of Dawson’s Creek. The change of mentality of today’s world could, in fact, “tarnish” and alter the spirit of the teen series that has become a classic.

Katie Holmes, one of the protagonists of the six seasons of Dawson’s Creek in the role of Joey Potter, is not convinced that today a reboot of the series can be made, as she declared during her speech at the Kering Women in Motion meeting hosted by the Cannes Film Festival 2023:

“We’ve talked about it a lot over the years. We’ve loved the experience. But we all feel like protecting the series, we see it as a time capsule. Exposing it to today’s world might tarnish it a bit.”.

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The show is a time capsule

Katie Holmes points out how the series existed in an age with less technology and before social media, which made things easier:

“It was before everyone had a phone and social media and all that, the characters had an innocence that I think people liked. To set it in today’s world, we would have to alter its nature”.

Having said that, the actress still showed a possibility and added:

“We’ve talked about it often. For now, we keep saying that until there’s a real reason to do it, better let it go.'”

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