Will The Last of Us 2 eliminate a key scene from the game?

There are many fans of the video game, but not only, who are waiting impatiently The Last of Us 2. The series, made by HBO and starring Peter Pascal e Bella Ramseyis the television adaptation of the videogame of 2013 and has been eagerly awaited since the first moment in which its realization was announced. The plot tells us about the world twenty years after the first infections due to a pandemic from Cordyceps, a fungus that transforms human beings into beings very similar to zombies. We got to watch the first part of The Last of Us on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NOW, but now we can’t wait to find out if what happens to Joel and Ellie in the second part will be just like what we saw in the video game.

It appears that an important video game scene will be cut in The Last of Us 2

Attention! Do not continue reading if you want to avoid spoilers on the second part of The Last of Us

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We know that the first part of the series has been very faithful to the game it’s based on, but it seems that the second part will be a little different in this respect. This is what can be seen from the poster published by Neil Druckmann to announce the arrival of Abby, Joel’s killer, in history. The game has in the past been the subject of numerous criticisms because it gave the possibility to impersonate Abby, but maybe The Last Of Us 2 it will change the story a bit, especially Joel’s death. The showrunner has in fact published an image in which we see Abby holding a hammer, while the background shows the forest with several cars on fire. The reference is clearly attributable to a scene in the game that takes place following Joel’s death, but it is an unusual choice to say the least: in fact, it cannot be counted among the most significant of the second part of the story.

The poster published by Neil Druckmann anticipates an important change in the history of The Last of Us 2?

The poster shows a not particularly significant scene, however it would certainly make more sense if Joel’s death was somehow postponed or even eliminated. It is therefore possible that The Last of Us 2 you dare so much as to totally change Abby’s story, thus giving a completely different meaning to the poster published by the showrunner. There is nothing left to do but wait to find out more.

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