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The twins, Schwarzenegger: “Jason Reitman blocked the sequel after the death of his father Ivan”

The twins, Schwarzenegger: "Jason Reitman blocked the sequel after the death of his father Ivan"

Schwarzenegger has given one final and definite update on the much-rumored sequel to The Twins.

I gemelli, Schwarzenegger: "Jason Reitman stalled the sequel after his father Ivan died"

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that the sequel de Twins has been officially canceled and the fault lies with… Jason Reitman.

For some time there had been talk of a sequel to the comedy that would see Schwarzenegger paired with Danny DeVito and that at one point would have included the entry of Tracy Morgan in the cast. Here’s what Schwarzenegger said, who also revealed in the same interview that he was done with the Terminator: “Jason Reitman screwed it up! Jason Reitman literally stopped the project when his father died“.

The actor continued: “His dad really wanted to do it and so did Danny DeVito and I. We had found the funding. When his father died, Jason said, ‘I never liked the idea’ and he put it aside“.

In response, Schwarzenegger said he is currently “developing another film with Danny“, adding: “He’s so fun to work with and he’s so talented“.

In the cult classic The Twins, Schwarzenegger and DeVito played genetically engineered twin brothers separated at birth. The film also starred Bonnie Bartlett, Kelly Preston and Chloe Webb.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the hilarious joke to Danny DeVito for the sequel to The Twins

Decades later, their friendship is still rock solid both on and off screen: Last month, the two filmed something of a brief reunion for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.