Light of your eyes, the third season is unlikely. The director’s words on the future of fiction

Will there be the third station of Light of your eyes?

Are you wondering if there will be third season Of Light of your eyes? It concludes Wednesday 17 May 2023 premiered on Canale 5 the second intriguing chapter of Mediaset fiction with protagonists Anna Valle e Joseph Zeno.

Direct once again from Fabrizio Costail season finale it would seem to have answered all the remaining doubts and question marks. Yet, among the audience, there are those who wonder if there could also be a third chapter of this exciting story.

Assuming that there are still no official confirmations from the Network, we report here the director’s statements present in the director’s notes of the second season pressbook.

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Fabrizio Costa in fact admitted that “The story will have a definitive ending and it will be surprising, every mystery will have its answer and everythingas befits a detective story, will come brought back to one perfect circularity.” From his words it would seem that, implicitly, the second season is somehow destined to be the last.We’ll see!

Last episode summary Light of your eyes

(SPOILER ALERT: Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know how it ends Light of your eyes 2 season)

Irene Paloma Jona (Diana Novak) in a scene from
Irene Paloma Jona (Diana Novak) in a scene from “Light in Your Eyes 2”. Credits: Pierfrancesco Bruni and Mediaset

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How it ended Light of your eyes 2 season? During the sixth and final episode of the fiction, everyone came home to roost.

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In fact, Emma discovered that she was not Diana’s real mother, as Petra led to believe. The latter, in fact, testified to a series of falsehoods just to protect her daughter from the real culprit of this story, such Fabio Caruana.

After confessing that she was Diana’s real mother, Novak explained that Alice, renamed Regina, is actually dead. Emma is desperate, so Enrico tells her not to believe it and not to give up and, above all, not to stop looking again.

Meanwhile, painful childhood memories awaken in the mind of young Diana, a girl who not only discovered that Petra has always been her mother, but also that – as a child – she may have accidentally killed Regina.

The truth comes shortly after thanks to the mysterious England chess player. It is in fact the real Alice who is in New Jersey. It will be thanks to the show of Emma’s company scheduled in New York that everyone will be able to meet again, and that the real culprit will finally be brought to American justice. All’s well that ends well, especially when Enrico asks Emma to marry him.

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