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Men and women, the former suitor Andrea Foriglio on Nicole’s failure to choose: “It still hurts” and on Roberta …

Men and women, the former suitor Andrea Foriglio on Nicole's failure to choose: "It still hurts" and on Roberta ...

Andrea Foriglio, Nicole Santinelli’s non-choice who concluded his throne for Men and Women a week ago, was interviewed by the Lollo Magazine portal.

Andrew Foriglio, Nicole Santinelli’s “non-choice”. that has concluded his throne to Men and Women a week ago, he was interviewed by the portal of Lollo Magazine.

Men and Women, Andrea Foriglio: “Roberta of Padua? Never say never…”

The young Roman concluded the path in the dating show of Mary of Philippi con Carlo Alberto Mancinileaving everyone surprised, convinced that the preference of Nicole was the Roman osteopath

“How am I? – Andrea declared to the portal – Let’s say I’ve had some better moments in my life. But I’m always used to getting up quickly, so I’ll do this again. It still hurts because it was something unexpected. Until Lastly, I didn’t expect such an epilogue. What went wrong between us? In my opinion, having characters that are too similar from some points of view could have penalized.”

“Carlo Alberto’s choice? Here I don’t know… The important thing is that she is happy. Here, this.”

L’former suitor he also spoke of his future of the possibility of ascending the throne and of Roberta Di Paduathe Cassino lady who never hid an interest in him, even clashing repeatedly with Nicole. When asked if he would have coffee with Robertathe young Roman said:

“Right now I’m metabolizing a bit of everything that’s happened, all these four months of travelling. But I can tell you that my philosophy of life in general is: never say never!”

They are Gianni Sperti, Andrea he has declared:

“I think that’s his job, that’s it. I absolutely don’t judge, I could not share some of his thoughts, but I’ve always respected them all, as I’ve always respected his person. I think he didn’t fully understand me and stopped to the slightly superficial part, without trying to read me in depth. I believe that in any case if he knew me from the outside we could also have a chat together. Within the program, judgments were given by him towards me, I repeat I have always respected but not shared. However, here I am sorry about this.”

“The throne? – concluded Andrea finally – right now I don’t want to think about it, I’m metabolizing all four months and everything that has happened. I just want to enjoy the summer. In terms of visits, I’ll start again with the visit and treatments tour osteopaths throughout Italy and in some European cities that I had interrupted a few months ago. I will start again from June and I have many projects. I have started writing my second book and then there is the idea of ​​expanding my studio throughout Rome and then throughout Italy. Quite ambitious projects that will require time, which he has a great desire to do and a lot of passion for his work. So for now I have some projects at a working level.”

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