Men and women, former couple of the throne over in crisis: there is talk of betrayals and secret messages

According to some reports, it seems that a former couple of the throne over Men and Women is much more shaky than it appears. Here’s what we know.

There are rumors of betrayals that would undermine the stability of a pair of the throne over Of Men and women. To report the rumors would be the gossip experts Deianira Marzano and Amedeo Venza.

Men and women, accusations of betrayal for a couple of the throne over. But who are we talking about?

At the moment it is not known who we are talking about, because the reports published by Marzano and Venza hide the identity of the couple in question. The report comes from a web user who wrote to both gossip experts, revealing that a knight of the throne over he contacted her several times and he asked to meet secretly in the car to have a drink together and not get caught. The messages sent to the gossippari of the network are very similar and various theories have been unleashed on the web about who the couple in question is.

In recent months there had been rumors of a crisis between Ida e Alessandro, one of the couples of the throne over who has decided to leave the program in this edition. The historic ex of Ida, Richard Guarnieri he had thrown digs at his rival in love, suggesting that there was a crisis between the two, promptly denied by the couple. However, the mystery remains of which couple is experiencing this moment of crisis and who is the faithless knight. In the message to Venza, the mysterious user wrote:

“Hi Amedeo, I’m a girl from (name of country hidden). I have messages from (name censored) who is with (name censored) of the throne over, I turn you around, One evening he asked me to have a beer in the car. But Do you realize the lameness? People like this deserve to be unmasked. I told him: ‘I’m in pajamas’ and he replied: what’s the matter, we’re in the car anyway. All this because otherwise they could recognize him.”

The same girl also wrote to Deianira Marzano, confirming the story of the beer, and at the mention of the “appointment” in pajamas, in the car, the gossiper had not been able to hold back the irony, commenting that it was “have hit rock bottom” and a real lack of style. She still shrouded in mystery the identity of the knight. Who could it be?

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