Lainey Wilson is confident about Yellowstone’s future

Yellowstonethe successful TV series of Paramount +, has been overwhelmed in recent months by a beautiful earthquake. The fifth season, which was initially scheduled to arrive in June, is experiencing serious delays. The show, which tells the story of the family that owns the largest ranch in Montana, could also lose its protagonist in the last few episodes. Kevin Costner, busy on the set of an ambitious project of which he is directing and starring, has asked not to be involved too long in the production of Yellowstone 5. While it is not possible to find an agreement between the parties and the presence of the protagonist seems increasingly uncertain, it has been announced that the series will end with the fifth season. But don’t worry: the story of Yellowstone will continue in a new spin-off sequel that will star the actor Matthew McConaughey. This new show is in addition to 1883 e 1923the two spin-offs are in fact proving to live up to the original series.

Despite the numerous hurdles the production is facing, there is one actress in the cast of Yellowstone 5 who is confident about the show’s fate.

We are talking about Lainey Wilson, the famous country artist who plays Abby in the new season. The star, who had recorded several songs for the soundtrack of Yellowstone, attended the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards on May 11, held at the Ford Center at The Star. On the red carpet, she was asked several questions about the uncertain future of the fifth season of Yellowstone. To the microphones of Entertainment Tonight she said she is calm about the fate of the TV series because she has full faith in the co-creator of the series, Taylor Sheridan. In fact, she said she was sure that, whatever happened, the man would be able to bring home an incredible result. From her, she is ready to return to the set at any time to shoot the last few episodes. These were his words:

No matter which direction it goes, it will be incredible why (the creator of Yellowstone) Taylor SheridanI mean, in my opinion it can’t be wrong. But yes. I’m waiting for that call to get back to set. I’m like, ‘Let me know when to be there and I’ll be there.’”

Lainey Wilson decided instead not to expose himself too much on theaffair Kevin Costner and to answer diplomatically the questions that have been asked about him. The country singer has given nothing but praise and compliments to Kevin Costner:

Oh my God. Well, first of all, it’s Kevin Costner. Don’t even get me started, but I think he’s just incredible too.”

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