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Isola dei Famosi, Cristina Scuccia changes her mind and shows herself in a bikini: “Freedom!”

Isola dei Famosi, Cristina Scuccia changes her mind and shows herself in a bikini: "Freedom!"

Cristina Scuccia’s revisited bikini 26 days after the beginning of her adventure on the Isola dei Famosi.

After 26 days from the beginning of his adventure all‘Island of the Famous, Cristina Scuccia changed his mind and finally wore a bikiniapparently, revisited for now, with shorts and a sports tank top.

Isola 2023, Cristina Scuccia and the bikini: ” I want to strip off all those superstructures that I carry with me”

The singer, former nunhad initially declared nodon’t want to show yourself in two piecesfeeling some discomfort:“I won’t wear the bikini, it will be a revised version of the swimsuit. The bikini didn’t put me at ease: I want to respect my times and also those of those who knew me in a different way. (…) I didn’t want to offend sensibilities. I decided to wear shorts mainly because I didn’t feel ready.”.

During the last appointment with the reality show, however, the shipwrecked was the first to point out the change Ilary Blasiwho also complimented the It hurts.

“Cristina this week you have shown a lot of courage after a protected life and in safety you have decided to question yourself. We can say that a new Cristina was born. I know you tried hard to pass that test, you are discovering yourself differently. First of all, congratulations on the bikini, we have seen you in a bikini and you look very good”.

Cristina he admitted that he wanted to challenge himself in a certain sense, and “stripping off the many superstructures” of his past: “I’m trying to get involved, since I’m looking for a freedom and that too is a kind of freedom. A freedom that does not have prejudices and judgments against my past. I want to strip myself of all those superstructures that unfortunately I carry with me. I’m trying to fight with all my might” said the 34-year-old originally from Ragusa.

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