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Isola dei Famosi: Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Helena Prestes end up in Marco Predolin’s sights

Isola dei Famosi: Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Helena Prestes end up in Marco Predolin's sights

Marco Predolin after L’Isola dei Famosi reveals: “It was my last television experience”.

Marco Predolin came back to talk about his short experience a The Island of the Famous. Interviewed by Novella 2000, the former castaway revealed i real reasons for his withdrawal from the game e criticized the behavior and strategy pursued by some competitors in Honduras.

Marco Predolin’s criticisms after L’Isola dei Famosi

A few weeks after his landing in Honduras, Marco Predolin was forced to leave L’Isola dei Famosi due to health problems. Interviewed by Novella 2000, the former competitor of the new edition of reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi he took stock of his short experience revealing his thoughts on some shipwreckedcome Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Helena Prestes:

My blood tests revealed abnormal values ​​due to malnutrition, so the doctors suggested to the production to suspend me from the game, I’m slowly recovering. I am 72 years old, to fully enjoy Isola I should have attended it 10 years ago when I had different energies, enthusiasm and expectations. Today I feel fulfilled in the profession of restaurateur and what distinguishes me is not the desire to appear at any cost…

I would give Alessandro Cecchi Paone an 8 as a professional, however his vote comes down to taking into consideration the participation in the reality show with his boyfriend Simone Antolini, the couple do 5. I disagree with the spectacularization of this love and I read emphasis in their effusions, as if they had to every cost to prove something. The world is full of homosexual and heterosexual couples, there is no need to underline. Helena Prestes? A character who carries on his desire to appear in a vulgar way is the competitor I like least, therefore 3.

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After having his say on the shipwrecked de The Island, Predolin finally revealed:

The Island was my last television experience. The camera gives me a tension that I no longer want to deal with. I disapprove of today’s TV, made up of verbal attacks, bickering, controversy and vulgarity, dynamics in which I have happened to find myself involved in the past. I have achieved a balance away from the spotlight.

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