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High Desert, intervista a Patricia Arquette e Matt Dillon

High Desert, intervista a Patricia Arquette e Matt Dillon

Learn to laugh at fragility

Peggy is the protagonist of High Desert, the Apple Original TV series available on the Cupertino streaming service from May 17th. The character played by Patricia Arquette – also an executive producer – is a drug addict who decides to start over after the death of her beloved mother, with whom she lived in the small town of Yucca Valley, California, and makes a decision that changes her Life: Becoming a Private Investigator.

“I loved Peggy very much and wanted to take care of her,” Patricia Arquette tells during her interview, adding that Peggy reminded her of her sister Alexis, who passed away in 2016 following a long illness. “What I loved most about Peggy is that she lives life on her own terms, while knowing that she leads an existence outside the margins of what we consider normalcy. High Desert is about lives in the desert, but the real desolation is the one experienced by the people who are close to those who struggle with addictions” dice Patricia Arquette.

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Matt Dillon plays Danny, Peggy’s love interest. “Danny is convinced that he is a good person deep down, even if we see that he cannot ignore his nature as a liar. Yet he is convinced that he is acting for the good of him and his partner, even if it is not so. The atmosphere I breathed on set confirmed to me that these characters were people that our writers and authors really knew, and this helped make the experience much more authentic.” racconta Matt Dillon.

High Desert teaches us to find light in moments of darkness, to hold on to the laughter – sometimes liberating – that allows us to celebrate our vulnerabilities, rather than hide them. It is a tale of lives in disarray, of course, but it is also much more. The path to recovery is not a straight line – those who struggle with addictions know this well – e High Desert it does not romanticize the difficulties that come with stepping out of one’s personal tunnel. If it is true that nobody is an island, High Desert suggests that – even if oases can turn out to be a mirage – deserts shouldn’t scare us.

At the opening of the post you will find the complete video interview with Patricia Arquette and Matt Dillon, the protagonists of the TV series. High Desert is available with the first three episodes from May 17 – and to follow with an unreleased episode every Wednesday – on Apple TV+ in streaming.