Friends 22, Clique: “I’m in love with Isobel Kinnear, we tried though…”

The singer Cricca tells all his truth about the relationship with the finalist of Amici 22.

Click was one of the students of the twenty-second edition of Amici. Guest a very truethe young man singer and former student of Lorella Cuccarini he returned to talk about his long experience in the famous Canale 5 school. Experience characterized by brief relationship born with the dancer Isobel Kinnear.

Cricca’s truth about breaking up with Isobel Kinnear

Click was eliminated one step away from the final by Amici 22. Interviewed by Silvia Toffanin on Verissimo, the young singer recalled his long and controversial journey in the talent show by Maria De Filippi revealing to be still in love with finalist dancer Isobel Kinnear:

Amici is not just a music school for artistic talent. But also a school of life. I think I have changed in many ways for the better. Life can also change for the worse, luckily I have changed for the better. isobel? She’s fantastic, truly fantastic. I am in love with this girl. I was in a relationship with another girl before and very beautiful. Someone I still respect a lot. But when Isobel arrived, all the energy she brought into that little house hit me in an absurd way. I’m still in love with her, even if things in Casetta didn’t work out. We tried, but maybe it wasn’t the right situation and then it was an engagement that didn’t go through. But the good, the love remained from me. She too loves me very much and I hope that maybe one day we can see each other again, try again or be friends. Isobel is great and then she is as beautiful as the sun.

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Click he then spoke offriendship born in Amici’s school with the dancers Gianmarco Petrelli and Ramon Agnelli:

Gianmarco is an excellent dancer. I respect him first as a person and then as an artist. We met again immediately after I left, we met again at his house in Milan. We were together, we had fun. A healthy friendship that you hope to always carry forward. He too is a good, sincere one. We have always been very good together. We found each other. With Ramon we were very very close. We watched movies together, inseparable. He too is one of those people, I hope, that I will carry on in life after Amici. I hope to always have it with me.

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