Amici 22, Giuseppe Giofrè and the audio of Cristiano Malgioglio: “Do you want a scene of jealousy?”

The two former judges of Amici, Giuseppe Giofrè and Cristiano Malgioglio, have often been at the center of amusing squabbles in the program. And according to the audio posted by the dancer, even outside the program there is no shortage of funny moments. Here’s what happened.

The judges of this edition of Amici They were Michael Good, Cristiano Malgioglio e Joseph Giofrè: three very different personalities, but united by a love for art, music and dance and who together have been able to create really funny moments during the episodes.

Amici 22, Giuseppe Giofrè publishes the audio of Cristiano Malgioglio: “Do you want a scene of jealousy?”

In particular, the public will remember the entr’actes between Geoffrey e Malgiogliowith the former good-naturedly teasing the latter for his “Wikipedia moments”, that is, those moments in which Malgioglio he indulged in passionate explanations about an artist perhaps less known to the mainstream public and who came in handy as a touchstone for assessing the talent of the students during their performances. On more than one occasion Malgioglio he showed his annoyance at his colleague’s comments, but it was a momentary annoyance, since a sincere sympathy and friendship was born between the two.

Today, in his stories, the dancer has published a screen of his conversation with Malgiogliowhere the icon of a missed call appears and below a vowel of the singer and artist: in the audio, Malgioglio appears very annoyed because Geoffrey does not answer his calls and only uses the phone to take pictures:

“Well, I don’t understand. I’m calling you desperately but can I find out where you are? What’s the use of a cell phone if you never answer? Explain to me what’s the use of having a cell phone! To photograph you? To show you that you’re beautiful? Tell me, tell me what are you doing! Do you want me to make a scene of jealousy? Here I am in the middle of the street screaming and all the people are looking at me! Are you happy? I’m not!”

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