Almodòvar – The shape of desire: 5 cult films by the Spanish director in cinemas from 15 June

In June, five films by Pedro Almodòvar return to the cinema in the Almodòvar – The shape of desire with CG Entertainment. Here are the titles.

From June 15th, thanks to CG Entertainment, in collaboration with Cinema Beltrade, Barz and Hippo, five cult films by the great Spanish director will return to the cinema Pedro Almodovarin the exhibition dedicated to him and entitled ALMODÓVAR – THE FORM OF THE DESIDER.

Pedro Almodovar’s films that will return to the cinema

Five of Pedro Almodovar’s most beloved and significant films will return to the cinema in the “Almodòvar – The shape of desire” series: The indiscreet charm of sin, What have I done to deserve this?, The law of desire, Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown e High heels. Films will be screened from high definition materials made available by TF1. The films that make up the review represent a perfect five for lightness, bravado, audacity and corrosive capacity. Exactly 40 years ago The indiscreet charm of sin (Entre tinieblas) caused a stir and sparked debate at the 1983 Venice Film Festival; with noir comedy What have I done to deserve this? (¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto?) the young Almodóvar goes in search of what is hidden behind the facade of a quiet Spanish family; unforgettable melodrama of feelings, The law of desire (The law of desire), with a giovanissimo Antonio Banderas, won the Teddy Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1987 and revealed the Spanish director for the first time to an amazed Italian public ready to launch a cult following; Almodóvar returns to Venice with Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios) in 1988, the comedy of misunderstandings which, with over 50 awards, an Oscar® nomination and Box Office records in several countries, consecrates the Spanish director’s talent internationally; with sentimental and familiar yellow High heels (Tajones lejanos, 1991), Almodóvar’s cinema continues to scratch, taking up the themes and aesthetics of the 80s and at the same time opening up towards a new creative phase. Funny, grotesque, melodramatic, incorrect, passionate, biting and sincere, all the characters in Almodóvar’s world are moved by desire, whether it’s for love, revenge, redemption or pure pleasure. Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas, Miguel Bose, Marisa Paredes, Victoria April, Rossy de Palma are just some of the great performers who have given shape and form to the desire of each of the characters written and directed by Almodóvar. Free from any pattern, free to be yourself beyond any constraint or preconception: women, men, transvestites, mothers and sons, daughters and fathers, homosexuals, singers, drug addicts, nuns, directors, writers, transsexuals, voice actors, actors , lovers, traitors, betrayed…

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