Isola dei Famosi: Gian Maria Sainato against Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoli, heavy accusations fly live

Gian Maria Sainato blurts out live on L’Isola dei Famosi: “Tired of being the laughing stock of Noise and Mazzoli”.

Heavy accusations and offenses fly during the last live broadcast of L’Isola dei Famosi between Gian Maria Sainato, Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoli. The reason? The young competitor of the new edition of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi he attacked the two speakers of the 105 Zoo accusing them of targeting him.

Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoli accused by Gian Maria Sainato on L’Isola dei Famosi

The latest episode of The Island of the Famouswhich aired yesterday Monday 15 May 2023, was full of twists: Corinne Clery passed out on air, Fiore Argento has decided to leave the game e Gian Maria Sainato became the protagonist of a tough confrontation with the two speakers of the 105 Zoo. The model, in particular, has accused Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoli of bullying:

I joined this group as the last one and they welcomed me, but from the day I arrived Marco and Paolo started with the little jokes, which continued for two weeks, then if Marco even offends it is normal for one to blurt out. I’m tired of being the laughingstock of Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoli (…) These jokes are biting and offend others. How bad is it if I asked you to make fun of me away from the cameras. But will I be free to ask not to be made fun of?

Accuse who didn’t like them at all Bouquets:

He tried to put words into Paolo’s and me’s mouth that we didn’t say. He did it on the 3rd day he got here…he didn’t air it because you would look bad! You said some very delicate things that shouldn’t be addressed in a reality show like this and you accused us of bullying. In fact, it comes whenever there’s a camera. It never arrives when there are no cameras, it is fake like Francesco Facchinetti’s hair.

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After listening to it outburst of the two castaways, Ilary Blasi decided to intervene revealing of don’t believe Sainato’s accusations. The columnist also echoed her Vladimir Luxuria:

Bullying is serious business. Get it from someone who knows him well, so please don’t bring this up in a really off the mark way. Let’s stay light!

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