Isola dei Famosi, Corinne Clery and her son’s drama; “We haven’t spoken in six years” (VIDEO)

Corinne Clery is one of the castaways of L’Isola dei Famosi and during yesterday’s episode she revealed that she had lost all relationship with her son Alex. Let’s see what she said.

During the fifth episode of The Island of the Famouswhich aired last night on Canale5, Corinne Clery she was the protagonist of a moving moment, in which she revealed a drama that lives in her personal life: the total lack of a relationship with her son Alex.

Isola dei Famosi, Corinne Clery: “I no longer have relations with my son, I miss…”

The castaway had a small mishap, falling unconscious shortly before a test of courage: the excessive tension to which she subjected herself and the – unfounded – fear that she might come face to face with snakes, caused her to faint in live. After she recovered, the presenter Ilary Blasi he apologized to the castaway, reassuring her that they would never include snakes in a test, knowing of her phobia.

The production of the reality show then aired a video, in which Corinne she was the protagonist of sweet moments with other castaways: moments in which she demonstrated her sweetness and her maternal nature, so much so that she earned the title of “Mother of the Island”. The actress revealed a sad background for her behavior: he hasn’t spoken to his only son, Alex, for six years. She, the actress said she had it very young, when she was only 19 years old and that after only one year of marriage she moved away from the father of the child:

“My husband had no love for my son, so the choice was between him and my son and I chose my son. I was a baby mom, I was very young and I took my son with me all over the world. But, now, I am we haven’t spoken to each other for six years: over the years we have drifted apart, but after a nasty argument, the relationship ended completely.”

Even the presenter seemed visibly moved by the confession of Clery who candidly admitted that she is so maternal with the other castaways precisely because she misses being able to give her love to her only son. Blasi also disclosed that Clery she is a grandmother and the actress was enlightened to hear the name of her grandchildren:

“Luckily I feel with them. We have a good relationship, I spoke to them around September, due to a situation they were experiencing that was not very good and we have a really good relationship. I’m doing this journey because I would like them to be proud of their grandmother.”

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