Avatar 2: The Water Way, review of the film by James Cameron

Water connects all things: life to death, darkness to light”. And it is precisely in water that we find the element of James Cameronaward-winning Canadian director who with Avatar 2 it gives us a real return to the origins.

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It was 1997 when he made his cinematic debut for the first time Titanicthe most expensive film ever made up to then with a starting budget of 200 million and another 85 for promotion.

Immediately considered a colossal epic-romantic, the film starring two very young people Leonardo DiCaprio e Kate Winsletactress also present in the cast of Avatar 2 in the role of wary Ronal, is exceeded for budget in 2009 by the arrival of the first chapter of Avatar.

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The film introduced us to new visual technologies and special effects such as the 3D Fusion Camera, a type of digital camera to which Cameron was dedicating many years of study and development.

We therefore leave the Atlantic Ocean of 1912 to project ourselves into the rainforests of Pandora of 2154, a primordial world surrounded by magnificent creatures and imposing forests inhabited by the species of Na’vi. A population so fascinating and sophisticated that it was impossible not to want to see it again in another chapter of this story, the second of at least five foreseen by the author.

And so, thirteen years after the release of the first film, the Canadian director fulfills his promise with a wonderful sequel that is even more spectacular, exciting and expensive than ever. With a budget of between 350 and 400 million dollars, at least 160 million more than the first one, Cameron returns to Pandora this time taking the water route, as if to return to his past by paying homage to himself and his passion for seventh art.

After having sailed the length and breadth of the splendid skies of this extraordinary world, it is time to immerse ourselves and swim free in the deepest and most crystalline marine waters of Pandora. The result is the author’s most mature, spectacular and powerful film, but not for this far from giving a cinematic experience full of amazement and emotion even for the little ones.

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The main cast at the presentation of
The main cast at the presentation of “Avatar 2 – The Water Road”

Not just extraordinary motion capture ed special effects cared for by Weather FX and projected on the screen for three hours and 10 minutes, but Avatar 2 and also family affections to be protected at any cost. “The Sullies are not divided”, this is the motto of Jack (again played by Sam Worthington) who we find after having abandoned his human body forever and remained with his partner Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana) on Pandora.

We also meet their three children with them Not finished (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), Tuk (Trinity Bliss), along with the adopted ones Skin (Sigourney Weaver) and l’human Spider (Jack Champion), thanks to whom the story of Avatar it expands becoming choral and embracing multiple subplots.

In fact, Jack passes the baton to young people now that there is a lurking new threat from the earth. This is represented by an enemy from the past who has sworn vengeance against Jake’s actions committed years ago.

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The Sullys found themselves in extreme danger, and for this reason they make the sad decision to leave their home, the forest, to find salvation elsewhere. We then meet the Metkayina clanwater warriors different from the Omaticaya not only in physical structure, but also in culture and traditions.

To survive, the Sullys must let themselves be embraced by the wonders of water and all its creatures, even those considered most dangerous. Just like children, the protagonists must have faith in the new people and become familiar with that nature unknown to them, while also discovering some unexplored sides of themselves.

And here emerges from the intriguing plot of Avatar 2 important subthemes that go from the family epic al generational conflictuntil you reach an obvious ecological and environmental reporting. If just the connection system is at the center of Pandora’s perfect life, so that every living being can see and hear each other, it is impossible not to perceive the connections to the outside world, and in particular to that of cinema to literature from Dance with wolves a Moby Dick.

Cameron deals with the consequences of each of these elements, the idea of ​​the wild and man’s cruelty to nature, with a care and delicacy that will move even the most cynical viewer. Reflections on war, loss and the ever-present relationship between life and death they couldn’t be more powerful and current than ever. Perhaps this is what the moments of total visual immersion are for, in which the absence of dialogue leads the viewer to perceive beauty and spectacle everywhere, but also to reflect on the sad struggle against the different and the outcast that tragically splits that border between reality and fiction.

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Although Cameron’s work is not perfect from a narrative point of view, perhaps resorting a little too much to some gimmicks seen and reviewed above all in seriality, at the same time the magical world imagined by the author fascinates and intrigues us on a visual and sensorial level , also leaving us with an important life lesson.

It’s never too late to start having respect for nature and for the different, and consequently for yourself. And if it is true that the immense and intelligent nature described by Cameron has always done so, when will man also begin?

Water has no beginning or end. The sea is around you and within you. The sea is your home before yours. Water connects all things: life to death, darkness to light”

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