The best streaming movies that arrived ten years ago

2013 was especially precious for auteur cinema. These are the streaming movies that we most admired from that year.

Let’s go back in time once again, but not too much. Which are the best film in streaming they do ten years? We have selected those that in the 2013 they struck us the most, even for radically different reasons. We are almost certain that you will not find the titles you would have expected below, so we invite you to let us know your favorites. Enjoy the reading.

Five streaming cult movies released in 2013

  • About Davis
  • Captain Phillips – Offshore Attack
  • Gravity
  • Only God forgives
  • Only the lovers survive

About Davis

One of the films in which the participation of Coen brothers to the events of the protagonist is more felt. Bruno Delbonnel’s melancholic, autumnal photography (Oscar nomination) accompanies About Davis in his journey of painful discovery of his own identity. A Oscar Isaac monumental moves with kindness and modesty in a bewitching film, in which she also stars a delightful Carey Mulligan. And the usual cameo by John Goodman it is applause. Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, a work of depth and notes that reach the heart. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Captain Phillips – Offshore Attack

Paul Greengrass brings his idea of ​​cinema that mixes socio-political investigation and action into a tense and compelling true story. The staging of Captain Phillips is of an unusual power for a film of this kind, with a Tom Hanks in one of his most successful interpretations for twenty years now. We really don’t understand how he didn’t go at least to the Oscar nomination, instead obtained by the film. Great example of mainstream production with something to say and the clarity to do it. Admirable. Available on CHILIGoogle Play, NetflixAmazon Prime Video.


The visionary genius of Alfonso Cuaron and the mastery of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (both Academy Award winners) take this all-out space drama to never-before-experienced levels of cinematic beauty and tension. The time unit of the shot sequences they frame Gravity give the film a prodigious aesthetic, within which Sandra Bullock e George Clooney they offer truly poignant evidence. With a metaphorical ending elevated by Steven Price’s soundtrack. Film destined to remain in the memory, great success with the public. Available on CHILI, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Only God forgives

The only flaw of Only God forgives is to have arrived after the huge success of Drivewhich has “diverted” the public from the work of Nicolas Winding Refn. This film, on the other hand, returns to immerse the viewer in a suffocating and sick film universe, where the characters seek in vain for redemption from blood or in blood. Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott-Thomas and all the other interpreters are masterful in underlining the hell of the setting, with an ending that is as coherent as it is difficult to digest. Refn at full cinematic power of hers. Beautiful, perhaps the best film of 2013. Available on CHILI.

Only the lovers survive

Il Jim Jarmusch you don’t expect, who works on the genre with a very warm participation and ostentatious by the images. Tilda Swinton e Tom Hiddleston they make of Only the lovers survive a wildly romantic film, mellow and beautiful to see. An exciting surprise full of passion, with images that warm the mind and the heart. To be fully savored each time, it speaks of love as few other films have been able to do in recent years. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

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