Sky Italia launches the new brand campaign: “It’s nicer to go home with Sky” (VIDEO)

Sky has just launched a new campaign through a new spot that for the first time tells the world of Sky at 360 degrees with some of its distinctive contents and products.

Sky Italia launches the new brand campaign: "It's better to go home with Sky" (VIDEO)

The new one is on the way brand campaign Of Sky Italia, a real journey into the universe of contents and technologies that transform the home into a place to enjoy one’s time to the fullest. For the first time, this campaign tells the general public about the entire Sky world in all its facets, from the wide quality TV offer to its small and large technological innovations. A world that, year after year, has become increasingly rich and has changed the habits of millions of Italians, making Sky ever more central to their homes.

This journey is told in the commercial through some of Sky’s distinctive contents and products: from great Italian and international cinema to entertainment with the shows that everyone is talking about, to the Sky Original and HBO TV series, to sport with many disciplines, including Italian and international football, motorsports, tennis, basketball, golf, rugby, volleyball. A broad and quality television offer enriched by the cutting-edge technology of Sky Glass, the smart TV which, thanks to the Sky subscription, integrates Sky programmes, the main free-to-air channels and streaming apps into a single interface. from the ultra-fast connectivity and optimized for Sky Wifi streaming.

The commercial – characterized by young and fresh language, and surprising images – follows a girl on her bus journey home through a series of incredible settings, which leave the bus passengers speechless and which represent the different experiences offered by Sky . Subscriber homes, in fact, differ from all the others in terms of shape and spectacularity: a building is transformed into a gigantic glass of popcorn because one of the condominiums is enjoying a film with Sky Cinema.

A little further on, a house in the shape of a haute patisserie cake evokes the popular Sky Uno cooking shows; one building has the appearance of a Formula 1 circuit and another the shape of Sky Wifi, where the tenants play tennis wearing a VR headset. And for lovers of binge watching there is also the house from which a huge dragon emerges, a clear reference to the iconic series aired exclusively on Sky. Finally, even the protagonist arrives in front of her home which looks like a normal house, but a voice command addressed to Sky Glass is enough to transform it into a real stadium, which hosts the UEFA Champions League.

The campaign ends with the claim “It’s better to go home with Sky“, if there is everything we like waiting for us: the entertainment experiences offered by Sky make the home a special place, where you can spend your time to the fullest thanks to quality content and technology that allow you to experience unique emotions, cultivate your passions and discover new ones.

Elia Mariani, Chief Consumer Officer of Sky Italia, comments: “The home is increasingly the space in which we spend some of the most important moments of our daily lives and with Sky it is transformed into a place to experience unique emotions. The new campaign tells exactly this: the Sky universe, which integrates extraordinary content with the best technologies, improving people’s free time. For this reason, for young people and for families, “it’s better to go home with Sky“.

The commercial, conceived by Sky Creative Agency and directed by the award-winning director Xavier Mairesse for Akita film, was aired for the first time during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in prime time on Rai 1. The campaign is spread across various media : in addition to the radio tables on the main national broadcasters, it is completed with a social video strategy and an event on the territory which will be held in collaboration with Radio Italia on May 20th.

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