Men and Women, will debut in prime time with the events of the over? The sensational indiscretion

It seems that Mediaset is thinking of the first delicious evening for lovers of the Canale 5 dating show: let’s find out together what it is and when it will start.

Men and women this year has already stopped with last week’s last picks. Maria De Filippi’s dating show has decided to stop broadcasting several weeks earlier than usual by broadcasting from today, the replicas with the most salient moments of the season that just ended.

Men and women could trip the Gf Vip and return to prime time

But be careful, according to what Domenico Mungiguerra reported on the portal di Blasting News, the program could return with great news and a very welcome surprise starting from next September.

In fact, there are rumors that the dating show could return in the early evening to convey the intricate story of the throne over. It’s not the first time that Men and women landed in prime time, in recent years some choices of the tronistas and a special episode dedicated to Gemma Galgani grappling with a well-known letter written to George Manetti with the hope (unfortunately proved ineffective) of a longed-for reunion for a couple that made the many loyal viewers dream of the programme.

According to the website, Men and women could occupy the programming of the Gf Vippenalizing the double weekly appointment with the reality show in favor of the dating show From Philippi.

Here are Mungiguerra’s words on Blasting News:

“As regards Men and Women, the broadcast of the new edition in the Canale 5 daytime range, from September onwards, is highly confirmed. However, for the next edition of Maria De Filippi’s dating show, there could also be room for a possible landing in prime time. In fact, the broadcast could occupy the evening slot with a special appointment dedicated to the events of the protagonists of the Throne Over and Classico. In this case, the Mediaset talk show would take the place of one of the two evening episodes of Big Brother.”

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