Isola dei Famosi, Alvin and the “pact” with Ilary Blasi. And the comparison with Alessia Marcuzzi? Here’s what she said

The current correspondent of L’Isola dei Famosi, Alvin, answered some curiosities about his friendship with Ilary Blasi and the comparison between the presenter and Alessia Marcuzzi.

Alvin is the historical envoy de The Island of the Famousalso returned for this edition together with the presenter Ilary Blasi. Right with her, in the weeks preceding the start of the castaways’ new adventure on Canale5, alarming rumors had spread about the end of their long-standing friendship. Rumors, obviously, all denied by those directly involved.

Isola dei Famosi, Alvin: “Between Ilary and Alessia?”

A Tv Smiles and Songs, Alvin he told of the twenty-year friendship that binds him to the presenter and which has never been affected by any quarrel, as he also confirmed Ilary Blasi when he was a guest at Verissimo by Silvia Toffanin. On their report, the envoy to Honduras said:

“I am sharing the scene with someone I have known for a lifetime and with whom I have a fun and genuine connection. We have really been friends for so many years. The two of us also have a kind of pact. .”

Ad Alvin was also asked whether in his opinion there is a difference between conducting Blasi and that of Alessia Marcuzziwho hosted the reality show a few years ago and who finally gave up her role as host, because for her “a circle has closed, a cycle” and felt that she gave the program all she could. The correspondent, to the implied question about who she preferred as presenter, replied in a very diplomatic way:

“The difference with the old editions? For me it’s always a new adventure, also because the castaways and the balance on the island change. The differences compared to when Alessia Marcuzzi was there? With comparisons there is always the risk of going off road…”

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