Emily, the trailer in Italian of the film about the creation of Wuthering Heights

It will be in theaters from June 15 Emily, directed by Frances O’Connor and starring Emma Mackey, in the role of Emily Brontë, in the period in which she seeks freedom and creates the immortal Wuthering Heights.

It will be in cinemas from June 15th Emilybiopic of Emily Brontëplayed by Emma Mackeyand we can show you the trailer in Italian. The movie of Frances O’Connor will be screened on 16 May at 21, at the Cinema Nazionale in Turin, as part of the Salone OFF program, the great city festival linked to the XXXV edition of the Turin International Book Fair. To be precise, the film focuses on the creation of the work that made the writer famous forever: “Wuthering Heights“, published in 1847.

Emily talks about writing Wuthering Heights

Emily Of Frances O’Connor con Emma Mackey (Sex Education) tells about the life of Emily Brontë (1818-1848), during the period in which he was looking for his own freedomboth from an existential and artistic point of view, and came to write one of fundamental works of literature English and World: “Wuthering Heights“, “Wuthering Heights“.
Emily is deeply touched by death of his mother and give it rules that the father imposes on the family, including her, the sisters Charlotte e Anneand the brother Branwell, to which she is closely related. In the confines of an existence that are increasingly close to her, she explodes with passion in her writingarriving to compose “Wuthering Heights” shortly before turning thirty.
The screening of Emily in Turin will be introduced by Nicola Lagioia, director of the Salone and of the multimedia magazine Lucy. In celebration of the film’s premiere, the Book of the Month Index will offer readers aactivity dedicated to the famous novelvia social.

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