Amici 22, Mattia Zenzola after the victory: “Maria De Filippi changed my life”

Thanks from Mattia Zenzola after his victory to Amici.

Mattia Zenzola wins Amici 22 and takes home the final jackpot worth 150,000 euros! Before finally leaving school, however, the young dancer and pupil of Raimondo Todaro he wanted to thank everyone, especially Maria De Filippi for helping and supporting him in these two long years.

Mattia Zenzola’s first words after the victory

The latest episode of Friends evening 22 he saw triumph Mattia Zenzola. The Latin dancer beat the talented in the final televoting Angelina Mango winning the title of absolute winner of the Canale 5 talent show. A beautiful competition between the two numbers one in the Dance and Singing category of the program, fought to the last.

Once the cup is raised, the Winner of Friends 22visibly excited and incredulous, he wanted to thank us Maria De Filippi and all the people who supported him throughout his long school experience:

I’ll share the final jackpot with my parents (…) I can’t say things otherwise I wouldn’t go away happy. I wanted to thank a lot all the people who work here, who are a lot. I wanted to thank Benny, who was by my side during this evening, all the professionals, Umberto and Francesca who were immense, my coach Raimondo, the professors and all the people who made this possible. Thanks to them I raised this cup… Thanks to all!

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Mattia is the overall winner of Amici 22

Thanks to you Maria… – continued Mattia with tears in his eyes – I wanted to thank you because you changed my life. I came here when I was 17, I wasn’t having a good time, I experienced Covid with my father, you made me feel at home and supported. You revived me. Maria thank you very much!

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