Rabbit Hole: Here’s where you’ve already seen the cast members of the new series with Kiefer Sutherland

Over the past two years Paramount+ has delivered some of the most compelling shows in the streaming world like Tulsa King and the various spin-offs of Yellowstone, not to mention the countless exciting original series to be released in the coming months. One of them is Rabbit Holea spy thriller created by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, two producers who have ranged a lot during their careers, from Santa Bastard a I Love you Philip Morrispassing through Cani e Gatti e This Is Us.

Rabbit Hole Poster

Rabbit Hole poster

The spy-thriller produced by CBS Studios should have arrived in Italy on March 27 but the release date has been postponed to May 26, 2023. Rabbit Hole stars John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland), an expert in industrial espionage who, as he himself says, “Help rich assholes make other rich assholes lose money“. But now it’s time to take a look at the cast in order to find out where we have seen the interpreters of the highly anticipated serie targata Paramount+.

Kiefer Sutherland (John Weir)

The Contractor Kiefer Sutherland 1 Qc5Vcxp

The Contractor: Kiefer Sutherland in una scena del film

In the center of Rabbit Hole, and among its cast, is Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the role of John Weir. Son of legendary actor Donald Sutherland, Kiefer is best known to the general public for his role as Jack Bauer in the television series 24. In addition to acting, she also owns a recording studio and a record label: the Ironworks.
After starring in Luckily there is a thief in the family in 1983 and ne The boy from the baythe interpreter took part in the cast of Incredible stories and the most famous Stand by Me – Memory of a summer. Sutherland was later signed by then-up-and-coming Joel Schumacher to star as the leader of a gang of vampires in the cult hit Lost boys. This role made him notice to the general public and led him to the set of the previously mentioned 24, with the role of Jack Bauer. Between 2012 and 2013 he took part in the TV series Touch, and then returned to play the role of Bauer in 24: Live Another Day two years after. From 2016 to 2019, however, he was the protagonist of the TV series Designated Survivor.
Talking about what attracted him to the plot of Rabbit HoleKiefer said: “Corporate espionage is a universe that most of us are unfamiliar with. For me, it was very exciting to bring to life a character whose entire essence rests on having control of others before being catapulted into a world where everything is turned upside down. At the beginning of the series, Weir is something of a villain but what makes his actions justifiable is the fact that he works on behalf of people who are repulsive. Then, he starts chasing after the right thing to do but it may not necessarily be the right thing for him“.

Charles Dance (Dottor Ben Wilson)

Game of Thrones: Charles Dance in an image from the fourth season

Game of Thrones: Charles Dance in an image from the fourth season

In Rabbit Hole Charles Dance, a true veteran of TV, film and stage, plays Dr. Ben Wilson, the shadowy figure who hires John Weir to help carry out his ambitious plan of corporate espionage. fans of Game of thrones will recognize Dance for his ruthless and sublime performance as Tywin Lannister during the show’s early seasons, while those who watched The Crown they will remember him for his portrayal of Lord Mountbatten during the third and fourth seasons of the expensive Netflix series.
But this is only a small part of the career of Dance, who over the years has played various villains in the saga of James Bondkey figures in the franchise of Alien and dozens of other movies and TV shows. Some of his other best-known interpretations are: Sardo Numspa ne The Golden Child (1986), Benedict in Last Action Hero – The last great hero (1993) e Thomas in Underworld – Awakening (2012) e Underworld: Blood Wars (2016).

Meta Golding (Hailey Winton)

Meta Golding in a scene from 'Normal' from Season 4 of Criminal Minds

Meta Golding in a scene from ‘Normal’ from Season 4 of Criminal Minds

Meta Golding appare in Rabbit Hole as Hailey Winton, another enigmatic and decidedly dark character. fans of The Hunger Games: Catching Firei.e. the best chapter of the saga according to viewers, they will most likely recognize Meta for her portrayal of Enobaria in the 2013 dystopian sci-fi action film, as well as its 2015 sequel, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Throughout her career Golding has also appeared on shows such as Empire, Colony, Dark Blue e House.
Not everyone knows that the actress decided to devote herself to the theatre, graduating in Theatrical Arts and International Relations at Cornell University, after having stayed in Italy: she competed as an ice skater for the Italian national team and after the end of her sporting career (due to an injury) decided to start acting.

Enid Graham (Josephine ‘Jo’ Blood)

Boardwalk Empire: Enid Graham and Paz de la Huerta in a scene from the episode The Age of Reason

Boardwalk Empire: Enid Graham and Paz de la Huerta in a scene from the episode The Age of Reason

The next actress on the list is Enid Graham, who in Rabbit Hole plays Josephine “Jo” Madi, an FBI agent who meets John Weir during his secret mission. If you watched Murder in Easttown, the 2021 HBO crime drama series, you probably recognize Graham from her role as Dawn Bailey, the mother of the missing girl who is central to the show’s plot.
Over the years, Enid has also landed other notable roles in series like The Sinner, Boardwalk Empire and even Ozas well as occasional appearances on dozens of shows like The Good Wife, Law & Order, Blue Bloods e FBI: Most Wanted. His film credits include The Rewrite, Silver Tongue e Blue Valentinejust to name a few.

Rob Yang (Edward Homm)

Una's photo by Rob Yang

Una’s photo by Rob Yang

Rob Yang plays the role of Edward Homm in Rabbit Holean executive who ends up becoming the target of one of John Weir’s complex corporate espionage schemes.
Before joining the cast of the series and the very recent The MenuYang has had supporting roles in many films such as Glass, The Bourne Legacy, The Adjustment Bureau e The Unidentifiedas well as in dozens of TV shows: from Law & Order, Law & Ordine: Criminal Intent, The Americans, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, The American Rust until the first season of Succession, the acclaimed HBO drama series. Yang has also voiced several characters in the video game series Grand Theft Autoamong which Grand Theft Auto IV from 2009, The Ballad of Gay Tony and super-success Grand Theft Auto Online.

Walt Klink (Lo stage)

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The next performer on the list is Walt Klink, who shows up in the cast of Rabbit Hole as a mysterious character known simply as “The internDuring his short career, which only started in 2019, Klink has appeared in numerous TV shows such as first grade, Dear mum, Maus, _Arctic Circle e The English, just to name a few. Klink has also landed roles in a few short films, the most recent being Barrier by Niels Bourgonje.

Jason Butler Harner (Miles Valence)

Alcatraz: Jason Butler Harner nell'episodio Kit Nelson

Alcatraz: Jason Butler Harner nell’episodio Kit Nelson

Rounding out the roster of main cast members for the anticipated series is Jason Butler Harner as Miles Valence, an associate of John Weir’s who chooses the corporate spy for the fateful job that will change his life forever. Over the years, Harner has appeared in just about every imaginable version of Law & Orderas well as in other fundamental titles of the world of the “tv crime” come The Closer e CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Harner has also landed roles in series such as The Handmaid’s Tale, The Walking Dead and Ozark in recent years. His film credits include various films: from The Good Shepherd – The shadow of power, Changeling e Black hat con Chris Hemsworth, a The Fan family at Jason Bateman.

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