Men and Women, Clarissa Marchese on the birth of the second child: “I don’t know why, but it was much more intense”

The former face of Men and Women, Clarissa Marchese, told of the experience of giving birth to little Christian, her second son. Here’s what she said.

Clarissa Marchesaformer face of the dating show of Canale5 Men and women, became mother of the second son Christian, born from the story with Federico Gironi. The couple welcomed little Arya in 2020 and now their family has expanded to include the new born too.

Men and Women, Clarissa Marchese and the difference in childbirth between Arya and Christian

The former face of Men and women he told on Instagram some details about the birth of the second child and the difference from the birth of Arya:

“When I had the epidural in the United States, of course, I didn’t feel anything from the stomach down. So much so that I couldn’t get up and it was the midwives who told me when to push by seeing the tracing, because I didn’t feel anything. Here, instead , apart from the fact that I got up easily even with the epidural, I felt when the contractions came. Sure, the pain goes from ten to three, however, this time I accompanied the baby until the birth. (..) The birth of I lived Christian more intensely. Throughout the labor I had a midwife near me, Irene, who I publicly thank if she is listening to me. She helped me, she made me live the experience of childbirth as we are often told . As an intense, unique experience. Then, this time, in addition to the happiness of birth, I knew that Arya would meet Christian. And when there was this meeting, I really experienced love as I understand it,.”

The new mother said that the little one is “perhaps the best child ever, he cries very little” and that Arya is super happy to be an older sister.

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