GIffoni, Antonio Albanese will be one of the guests: the image of the new edition has been presented

The image of the 53rd edition of Giffoni, created by Erri De Luca, was presented at the International Tennis Championships in Rome.

The BNL d’Italia Tennis Internationals, one of the most important sporting events in Europe, are being held in Rome and it is here that the Giffoni Film Festival has announced some novelties of its 53rd edition. Participation was promoted by the Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in the presence of the Minister for Sport and Youth Andrea Abodi. This is an initiative that underlines the important role of Giffoni among the young people who flocked to the Roman event. On this occasion, the Ministry has scheduled some panels in its spaces and the first was dedicated to Giffoni.

The meeting was attended by the general manager Jacopo Gubitosithe artistic director Luca Apolito e David Russo responsible for institutional relations who had the opportunity to tell young people the story of the festival, loved and known all over the world and related activities, responding to the many curiosities of the public. Giffoni, which will take place from 20 to 29 Julyan event co-financed by the Campania Region and the Ministry of Culture, anticipated the presentation of the poster of the new edition (which you can see at the end of the article) precisely on this occasion for young people to meet in an international dimension.

GIffoni 53: the image of the new edition

The fingers of a hand, five senses, a message: strength comes from the awareness that girls and boys, girls and boys are “indispensable”, because without their energy, their vision, their dreams, there would be no present nor a future. Hence the image to tell “Indispensable”, the theme of the festival that will see over 6 thousand jurors from 30 nations as protagonists. The image was conceived for Giffoni by the writer, poet and translator Eric DeLuca and graphically created by the artistic director Luca Apolito: a hand that becomes a flower, grows, makes new ideas sprout. The fingers are associated with the five senses, each of which is expressed in a word that evokes essential concepts in everyone’s life.

He writes Eric DeLuca: “Claudio Gubitosi He summons me to Giffoni, which once a year attracts youth from the four corners of the wind. Password of 2023 is: indispensable. For me it is fraternity and the immediate image of the open hand comes to me. Not to read the future, but to touch it. Five fingers for five senses. Sight, and then cinema, a summary of the arts. Hearing, and then the human voice that accompanies listening from inside the womb. Smell, and then the fermenting earth. Taste, and then the bread which is salvation. Touch, diffused in every pore that has the caress as aspiration. Having established an open hand as indispensable, it must be reinforced by the ready smile of those who will come to Giffoni”.

“After having dedicated the last edition of the festival to the invisible, this year it seemed natural to continue this path with the theme Indispensable, aimed at all those young people capable of expressing ideas, eager to get involved and be heard” he explains Jacopo Gubitosi, General Manager of Giffoni. “They are our energy and our engine, as Erri De Luca expertly grasped with the suggestion of an image that encompasses poetry and strength, fragility and power. The idea of ​​the hand from which flowers blossom perfectly represents the identity of Giffoni, made of hospitality, joy, creativity and trust”.

“In Giffoni, young people are not spectators, they represent the driving force behind the main innovations and changes that are taking place at a social, technological, cultural and political level” he continues Apolito“we want to offer them more and more opportunities and contexts to propose ideas, develop skills, discover new points of view starting not only from cinema, but also from meeting others to cross the world and its cultures, explore their own identity and become aware, sensitive and active citizens of tomorrow’s society. Giffoni proposes a further change of perspective, in an event that asks young people to leave their seats in the audience and take center stage to tell us about the world to come”. Eric DeLuca, protagonist of the Giffoni days for years, will be among the guests of the festival. His first novel Not now, not herewas published in Italy in 1989. His books have been translated into over 30 languages.

During the meeting in Rome, to questions from young people about the first guests who will take part in #Giffoni53the presence of one of the main Italian talents has been announced who needs no introduction: Antonio Albanese he will be ready to face the boys on July 25th.

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