Friends 22, who will win this edition according to the polls?

Tonight on Canale5 the Amici Finale will be broadcast. Here’s who could win it according to the polls.

Up tonight Canale5 will be broadcast there Finale of the twenty-second edition of Amici Of Maria De Filippi: the four finalists, Isobel Kinnear, Angelina Mango, Mattia Zenzola e Wax, will compete to decide who will take home the cup and the title of winner. But what do the polls say?

Friends 22, who will win the final?

According to the predictions of the bookmakers, the winner of Amici22 is only one: Angelina Mango. The daughter of the singer who died in 2014 is perhaps one of the most powerful voices of the talent and an artist of great maturity and sensitivity. Many have already decreed her the winner of this edition, despite the many criticisms that the girl has attracted, as daughter of…But with his talent Angelina she proved to everyone that she is worthy of being in the school and above all of reaching the Final.

The singer is given as the winner in several polls, including that of the Instagram page of Friends Newswhile almost all polls see in last placesinger Wax. Sometimes arrogant, contemptuous even in his words towards his companions, Wax he stood out both for the great originality of his performances, but also for his little tolerant character which on more than one occasion led him to clash even with his classmates and professors. In the polls he is always in last place, behind Isobel Kinnear e Mattia Zenzola. The two dancers are both talented and with a strong fan base behind them that could overturn any result. Mattia he was among the students of the last edition, but due to an injury he had to leave school and returned in September 2022, demonstrating great growth and greater maturity. In polls he often ranks first as winner. Will he be able to triumph tonight?

Finally, there is Isobel: the Australian dancer who arrived in the middle of the year and who in just a few bars won the hearts of her companions and the public for her radiance. As she said Mattia on one occasion: ‘Since she’s been around, the sun has come”. Extremely talented, she has also received compliments from Lorella Cuccarini who, while not her coach, acknowledged that Isobel was born for show business and she will become a great artist. We just have to wait for the final tonight on Canale5to find out who among these four young talents will win!

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